This article was first published on Mar 14, 2017, and last updated in February 2020.

As a WordPress site owner, you always worry about how to encourage web visitors to stay on your site longer. Whether you are an experienced user or just a beginner, make sure you give your potential visitors a rich and seamless experience to boost your page views and reduce bounce rate on your WordPress site.

According to Google Analytics, bounce rate shows the percentage of web visitors who land on your site and immediately leave it without interacting with other web pages. This not only reduces page views, but also affects your ranking on search engine platforms.

If you want to boost your page views and reduce bounce rate, focus on optimizing your site to give your real-time visitors a rich user experience by:

  • Creating quality and magnetic content
  • Enhancing your web design
  • Reducing the page loading time
  • Structuring your web content systematically

… name just a few.

But above all, try to meet the expectations of your real-time visitors by providing what they are looking for.

To track the bounce rate and page views of your WordPress, you can install the Google Analytics. The interactive stats available on it will help you know how much traffic you are driving daily, how many visitors stay longer, and the most browsed area of your site. You can relax a bit if your bounce rate is between 40 to 50 percent; but if it is 70 percent or more, you will need to optimize your site from the ground up.

Below are some of the best tips that will help you reduce the bounce rate and boost the page views of your WordPress site:

1. Optimize your site’s speed

This is the most crucial and effective way of boosting the page views of WordPress sites. Optimize the speed of your site to give your visitors a hassle-free experience.

No matter how much effort you put into creating your site, if it is slow, you won’t be able to reduce your bounce rate. In fact, just a 2 second delay in loading a web page could encourage a web visitor to abandon your site immediately. This means you cannot take a chance with the speed of your website. Even Google has made it clear that it will penalize those sites that have low load time speed.

To make your site load faster, follow these tips:

  • Opt for a dedicated or VPN hosting server
  • Ensure that you update regularly (core WordPress, installed themes, and plugins)
  • Use caching
  • Optimize images
  • Compress JS and CSS files
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Avoid using too many plugins, etc.

2. Create quality, engaging, and relevant content

If you want your web visitors to stay on your site longer and browse more web pages, then make sure you create engaging, quality, and, of course, relevant content in the form of blog posts, images, videos, or audios. The purpose here is to stimulate people to read more and more pages on your site so that you will get more page views.

Create content that serves your visitor’s purpose for entering your site. Understand what they expect from you, and influence them to stay longer. Apart from this, focus on providing high-quality content, as this will enhance your visibility to web visitors and search engine platforms.

3. Focus on creating well-structured content

As a website owner, you should spend time on retaining your existing visitors. Of course, valuable content makes it easy to drive people, but if you want them to stay longer, structure your web content and blog posts properly. This makes it easy to find the desired information within the website, and encourages them to explore other relevant content.

Below are some key tricks that will help you structure your content for improved accessibility and readability:

  • Break up lengthy blog posts into small and digestive chunks
  • Use headers properly
  • Use bullet lists
  • Use white space properly
  • Add eye-catching images to your blog posts

4. Don’t forget to interlink your blog posts

Add relevant links to other posts or pages within your content to improve the page views of your WordPress site. The best part about WordPress is that it makes it super easy to link your content with other relevant posts.

All you need to do is to highlight the text you want to link, hit the Insert/edit link button in the text or visual editor, and click on ‘Or a link to existing content’. You can then either look for a particular post, or select one from the available list.

Just ensure that the words or phrases on which you are inserting the link are relevant. You can also use the best internal linking plugin such as Internal Links Generator to automatically link a specific word or phrase within your content to the specified URL.

Internal linking has the potential to boost your page views quickly.

5. Improve SEO of your site

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get more page views for your WordPress site. If you want to get higher visibility on Google and search engines, then make sure you optimize all your posts, pages, and meta data using relevant keyword phrases. This will help you get higher rankings on SERPs and also boost your page views.

You can use Yoast SEO plugin to write quality and search engine optimized content for your site. It will help you generate better SEO ranking for your WordPress site with ease.

6. Feature popular posts into your sidebar

Since your sidebar is one of the most visible parts of your site, use it to display the links to your popular blog posts. This will stimulate web visitors to click on those links and read popular posts on your site. So, instead of showing most recent posts, add the most popular content for your site to get more page views.

Create a Featured Content tag and apply the tag to any post you want to feature. This technique makes it easy to switch out your featured content as you continue to add to your site. Add a featured image to the content to catch your audience’s eye.

7. Use the Page-Link Tag trick to break up lengthy posts

There are some bloggers and site owners who post long articles on a regular basis, but they often struggle to get a maximum number of page views. To increase page views, break up your posts into two or more separate articles and use the Page-Link Tag.

You can use this trick by adding <!- next page → at the end of your post in your text editor. It will create numbered pages at the end of each post page to let the visitor click to the next page/post to continue reading. Just make sure you give your visitors a seamless reading experience without any messing up.

8. Make a use of excerpts

Encourage your visitors to click through your posts and pages by using good and enticing excerpts. These are fresh and stimulating summaries of your content that can entice people to read your post and increase page views of your site.

Encourage your visitors to click through your posts, by using excerpts on the homepage/landing page or on the blog page of your site to feature your most recent posts. Fortunately, WordPress, by default, takes the first two sentences of your posts and uses them as excerpts.  This means you don’t have to worry about it at all.

All you need to do is to describe your post correctly in the excerpt feature available in the WordPress admin (beneath the post editor box).

9. Focus on creating a beautiful category menu

Simplify your navigation functionality by creating a beautiful and user-friendly category menu for all your posts and pages. This will help your visitors get relevant information quickly and easily, which in turn boosts your page views.

You can use a WordPress theme that comes with an inbuilt category navigation functionality, or that supports the custom menu feature under Appearance in WordPress admin, to display the most specific parts according to your target audience.

10. Add relevant links within your content

Insert links within your blog posts to offer additional information about a topic to your potential web visitors. This will create curiosity among them to explore more about your blog posts. Just make sure you insert the related links in the right places. By adding related links at the bottom of your blog post, you increase the accessibility of your content, hopefully leading to more page views.


These are the 10 best ways to increase the page views on your WordPress site. All of these tricks will help you retain your potential visitors to your site longer, which in turn will reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate of your site.

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