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The New Normal: How to Thrive in a COVID-19 New Era of Business

We’ve just experienced the fastest change in consumer psychology ever recorded, requiring a permanent re-think of how you conduct business moving forward. This edition of Search Sessions discusses how to start structuring your return to work plan, and how to approach the new customer marketplace and mindshare. Read the Interview Here

About Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end (All-in-one) customer experience platform for small businesses. Unlike many software competitors, Thryv helps businesses automate processes – from the initial customer touch point of their online presence, all the way through to loyalty programs that help companies generate repeat business. Thryv is focused on helping small businesses get the job, manage the job, and get credit. With over 55,000 subscribers, Thryv has grown to be one of the fastest all-in-one platforms built for small business. This is all backed with 24/7 unlimited customer support, recently top ranked by G2 Crowed for Spring 2020.

About Ryan

Ryan Cantor is the VP of Product & Marketing at Thryv. He has lead the product and marketing teams for the Thryv business since 2016. His day to day is reviewing user feedback, implementing and monitoring the product roadmap and it’s delivery to keep Thryv constantly growing, adapting and improving. Additionally, he oversees the external marketing and advertising of Thryv out to targeted small business customers.

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