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SMB Digital Marketing Strategies from Around the World

Hear from Miguel Angel Vives Garcia from ADN Sección Amarilla in Mexico, Byron Moorga of Always Innovative in South Africa, and Kimberli Lewis from Siinda in Europe. They discuss SMB Marketing Strategies from around the world and how to leverage these strategies to succeed during the pandemic. Read the Interview Here

About Siinda

Siinda is Europe’s fastest growing non-profit association of companies that serves the SMB and Enterprise community through providing a range of digital solutions from social media consulting to e-commerce and mobile solutions. Siinda is a European Association but has members from all over the world and serves members on 5 continents providing services from market research to conferences and workshops.

About Kimberli

Kimberli Lewis is the General Manager and Board Member at Siinda in Germany and the European Union. Kimberli Lewis has 18 years of experience as a CEO in the directory, search and online space and 22 years in executive management. She has won over 29 International awards in marketing and product development.

Kimberli has graduate degrees from Webster University, George Washington, Harvard Universities, and the Henley Business School and London Academy. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and the host of Leadership Beyond Borders, on VoiceAmerica Internet Radio and Podcasts.

About Always Innovative Solutions

Always Innovative is a leading digital marketing agency in South Africa. Their success is built on relationships with their clients, not contractual obligations. Their staff has a passion for advertising and lead generation. They focus on digital marketing solutions such as Search Engine Optimization, Google My Business for local listings, Google Ads, Animation, etc.

About Byron

Byron Moorgas is the CEO of Always Innovative Solutions. He is a top digital executive with more than 20 years’ experience of business collaborations across South Africa and the African continent. He has worked for multi-national companies such as TomTom & Naspers.

Byron is currently the CEO at Always Innovative Solutions helping Publishing Houses, Digital Agencies and SMB’s build their online presence. He helps them strategically invest in the right digital partnerships, technologies and products.

About Acelerador Digital de Negocios (ADN) & Seccion Amarilla

ADN is a Marketing Agency within Seccion Amarilla with diverse products for SMBs such as websites, listings, digital marketing campaigns, social media, e-commerce, marketing strategies, and more to drive results and ROI for customers.

Seccion Amarilla is Mexico’s largest yellow page company with over 100 years in business. Seccion Amarilla offers a full range of multimedia products through its print, Internet and mobile media platforms.

About Miguel

Miguel Angel Vives Garcia is the VP of Product Development for ADN and Seccion Amarilla and is helping lead the digital transformation for the company as they provide new digital services such as website development, e-commerce, paid advertising, SEO, listings, and more to customers who use their print yellow page directories.

Miguel has been with Seccion Amarilla since 1998, where he started leading group sales selling print products. By 2000, he was promoted to launch and run the Internet division for the company – providing websites and digital products to help customers get their business online. Since then, Miguel has been the pioneering leader – helping transform Mexico’s largest – and 100 year old – yellow page company into the leading digital marketing powerhouse for SMBs in Mexico.

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