White label products vs private label … what’s the best choice for your business? While both of them are very similar, they both bring different benefits and customization. Your business might not have realized these things before choosing one. This article will go into the differences between them, their benefits, and which one your business might lean more towards. Let’s get into it!

What is White Label vs Private Label

Private label products are made and sold under a specific company’s brand. For example, think of products like the Great Value brand at Walmart. These are items made by chip, cookie, and other food producers specifically to be sold under the Walmart Great Value brand. Private label also gets more into a niche version of white labeling. These are products still made by an outside company, but are sold exclusively under one label. This happens more often with clothing companies like Zara or H&M. 

The main difference between white label and private label products falls into generally the selling process. Essentially they’re the same process, but have slightly different elements that make them different from one another.

White label products are sold for multiple brands to then resell to their customers under their own custom branding. White label products could be digital like SEO, or things like water bottles or phone products. You’re probably more familiar with seeing things like this on Amazon where the item’s the same, but it’s offered by different sellers. 

When you’re wanting to experiment with adding new products or services, there are many benefits both white label and private label can offer. The biggest benefit between both of them is ultimately saving you time and money. When you choose one of these options, you’re choosing to skip all of the trials and testing of the product. This makes it easier for you to focus on marketing and branding the product to your target audience without stretching yourself too thin. While white label and private label are very similar in nature, it’s important to recognize the difference between them as well.

Benefits of White Labeling products

Using white labeled products has several benefits for your business. It means you can add new products and services to your lineup without all the overhead costs associated with it. White labeled products can end up being less expensive compared to private labeled products because it’s made directly for you. You can also know the white labeled product is reliable because that provider has a lot of experience working on one product, like SEO, and they do it really well.

When you resell a white labeled product, it means you can’t change it. But you can rebrand that product as your own. It helps you to quickly add in a new product or service to your lineup. This gives you a bigger footprint in your marketplace. However, because others in your same industry could be selling the same white labeled product, it means you need to do more to differentiate your own brand. It could mean you need to improve your marketing and advertising efforts. With nothing but the label or brand separating your company from your competition, white labeling allows you to shift your focus onto really expanding and improving your brand for growth. This gives you the freedom to focus on your own business. 

White labeling is great for your business because it essentially helps you stay competitive or stand out from your competition with new products that don’t require a lot of work or cost to implement. Ultimately, it ups the value of your business because it means more services for your customers.

Benefits of Private Labeling products

Using private labeled products has a variety of advantages your business can benefit from. When you have private labeled products, it means they are manufactured specifically for your brand. You can control every aspect and part of the product and how you market it to your targeted audience. Your business is in control. You have the ability to modify or create the product you envision. To help develop a unique brand for your business. While this process of building your brand takes time, it ultimately helps attract the right niche audiences for your business and products.

Should I White Label or Private Label for my agency?

Choosing between private label products vs white label can be a hard decision for your business, especially when they’re very similar. While both of them, like we previously discussed, have multiple benefits to them, it all stems back to what works best for your business. 

If you’re leaning towards white label marketing for your agency, you’re taking a direction of focusing more on your marketing strategy with comfort and ease. When you already have an established client base, adding products and services is the easy part to white labeling. Especially with SEO, these products and services are already tested and known to be effective. So, you won’t have to worry about testing them out for long periods of time to make sure they’re effective. Working on your marketing strategy is all you’ll have to worry about.

While both options tend to offer cheap options, white label products tend to be the cheaper option between the two. This option tends to have a quicker finished solution for your business needs. All the service, work, and products are finished for you to work on your business strategy and product marketing.

Choosing private label products offers your business more opportunities to be unique. If you’re wanting to not worry as much about competition, private label helps ease some worries by having the opportunity to sell an exclusive product. When you focus on delivering a specific type of product to a specific audience, private label products will be a great option for your business. Especially if your business may not have as much of an established client base. If you have a chosen target niche in mind, this may be a better choice without investing a large amount of money. Both white label vs private label offer different solutions and options for your business to choose from.

What does white label marketing look like at Boostability?

Boostability white labels our SEO services to sell to our partners around the world. We work with these partners and businesses to help with their SEO needs. We do full-service SEO, and have developed proprietary technology that helps us do SEO at scale and at cost. This is so partners of all sizes can bring on a high-value product that will help your business grow. Additionally we offer marketing services to help our partners maximize their ROI.

Get started with Boostability today and talk to one of our experts about how we can help you with our white label SEO services.



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