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The Rise of M-Commerce in Europe

Mobile use has spread rapidly around the world. Today, it is estimated more than 5 billion people have mobile devices, with smartphones making up more

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COVID-19 Digital Marketing Website

How to Capitalize on Your Down Website Traffic from COVID

I’ve talked to many businesses during this unprecedented time. There’s one common thread for all of them. They’ve seen a tremendous decrease in business in

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Do I Want More Website Leads or More Traffic?

Leads versus traffic. It’s an eternal battle to improve your digital numbers. Both have their pros and cons. More traffic means more exposure for your

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How SEO and CRO Should Work Together

If you’ve spent time in the marketing industry, you’re probably familiar with SEO and CRO. But if you need a quick refresher, here’s a brief

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Beginner’s Edition: 5 Powerful Metrics in Google Analytics That You Need To Know

The ability to comprehend the behaviors of customers when using a website is an indispensable step to enhance marketing strategies in the future. Fortunately, Google