Did you know, link building is one of the most important factors crucial to the SEO process? A good link building campaign helps improve your content’s rankings.

Link building, as Moz puts it, is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. Hyperlinks help users navigate between pages on the internet. They also help drive attention and traffic to increase your site’s authority.

For every single SEO campaign that Boostability works on for our customers and partners, we implement our own link building strategy to help get websites ranking on the first page of search engines like Google. We start with two pillars that we’ve proven to be valuable to help improve your site’s ranking.



We relate relevance to onsite work. This means we boost the content, keywords, and code of your site. This gives your site a platform to show your services and products the value in them. It also gives support and credibility to what may be said offsite.


Trust and offsite work tend to go hand in hand. The more trust you have with other sites, the more you’ll be recognized for keeping and maintaining that trust. 

A website’s trust is based off of the number of other websites that link back to your own. As a result, the more backlinks your site connects with, that are relevant and not spammy, gives search engines an “approval of trust”. It sells the bots that crawl your website that users can reliably visit for your services and products. Consider it a digital vote of confidence for your website.


Link Diversification

It’s important for your business to stay active and connected within your industry. We help keep you in the loop by placing active and clickable links in popular online databases that link back to your site. These databases can include industry sites, business directories, blogs, etc. The more link building you have, the more your site builds relevance and trust on search engine’s rankings.

There are 5 different types of link diversification:

1) Link Location

At Boostability, we make sure the links we place for all our customers have and are put in a diverse range of sources for users to find your site. Having a variety of links relate to other sources helps spread your business online for others to find and notice you.

2) Link Type

Links are made to be instinctive and organic for the purpose of administering the appropriate equitable mix of no-follow and do-follow links. No-follow links are links with a tag that tells the search engine not to pass the juice or authority. Do-follow links are links that can benefit your website to get a higher page rank.

3) Link Quality

We make sure your small business doesn’t have a multitude of links. Too many links can come off suspicious and odd to search engines such as Google. Giving your business the right amount of links in a professional light gives your business the tools it needs to succeed.

4) Content Type

Creating an assortment of content associated with your links helps to build relevance and trust. These forms of content can range from blog posts, articles, article engagement, infographics, and other web content. Users like to have to options in reading content. Giving them various types of content can help build your businesses trust while also gaining credibility.

5) Link Scheduling

Some links can be fabricated and be easier to spot. This can be due to their content being posted erratically, all at once, or by how consistent that pattern can appear to users. Having organic links that are posted and scheduled randomly at any time, can appear more credible. For example, if users know when you consistently post new content over time, they will be looking forward to seeing it. If a small business posts a large amount of content at random times, it can come off less genuine and unprofessional for the business.


Link Quality

Our direction aims to create backlinks that come off as natural, organic, and as though you were creating them yourself from a small business point of view.

There are multiple factors that an SEO expert can go off of when analyzing what is true “quality” in SEO. “Quality” can be biased to the individual and there are numerous strategies proven to work for SEO. With all of these different SEO impressions, there is never one proven method for all industries to use for their benefit.

SEO is complex and brings a wide variety of techniques and options that is rewarding to each link and site. Because search engines like Google do not share their algorithms with anyone, it can give businesses the opportunity to gain a variety of avenues that could be proven to work effectively through their industry.

Many of these impressions are just that of opinions. At Boostability, we’ve been doing this for a long time and know our strategies work. We know that building relevance and trust through link building improve the SEO of our customers. By having links relate to others on your website, content becomes far more impactful than links with a high domain authority. 


At Boostability, we make all of these link building specifications our top priority for our partners to help improve their businesses SEO processes. To learn more, contact us!

Boostability offers a variety of link building services. These include implementing local search optimization, submitting your site to key business directories, adding competitive link building, creating business profiles, adding article and blog submissions, and more.

Learn more about our white label local search program and get in touch with a digital marketing expert for more details on what to expect in a partnership!



Maja is the SEO Manager for the marketing team at Boostability. After graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in Marketing, her focus has been on expanding her knowledge and skill set in SEO. Prior to joining the corporate marketing team at Boostability, Maja gained experience working at several digital marketing agencies in Salt Lake City, focusing on SEO strategy development and fulfillment, as well as client account management. Working closely with clients ranging from small businesses to enterprise organizations, she has managed and executed SEO strategies for over 20 different company websites. Outside of work, Maja loves to go on hikes with her husband and dog, play volleyball, bake and cook, and try new restaurants throughout the city (she considers herself a fry-connoisseur).