One way LinkedIn stands out from other social media platforms is through its additional features.  These features are designed to help you gain more from the site. Two examples are Pulse and the Partner Programs. The first helps you find the content most beneficial to you and allows you to learn more from experts in your industry. The second assists you in delivering content and helps you become a better marketer.

What Is Pulse?

With an overwhelming amount of content published every day, it can be difficult to find the pieces that matter to you. There is always the risk that you will lose out on innovative ideas or priceless advice.

With Pulse, you can find news, tips, and more, all in the one place. More than 750 publishers partner with Pulse, including big names like Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, and Fast Company. The app shows you content according to your interests, ranging from news articles and industry updates to posts from Influencers.

Recent improvements to Pulse have made it even easier to find content on your favorite subjects. Better auto-complete suggestions will save you time typing (particularly important on mobile devices), and the What’s New section brings you world events and trending topics.

How to Use Pulse

When you start using Pulse on a mobile device, log in to LinkedIn to immediately start receiving content from all the Channels and Influencers you follow. Pulse will also provide you with recommendations by taking into account your interests, the preferences you made on the platform, and what stories are trending worldwide.

To find the content you want, when you want it, create lists. This will enable you to divide your interests into different channels, using categories like Technology, Favorites, and Must-Reads. You can add any content to your lists from your Channels and Influencers as well as the blogs and news feeds you find through searching in Pulse.

If you find anything particularly interesting, you can share it with others in your network. Plus, at the top of every piece, you can read comments, add your own insights to join in discussion, and view which other professionals like the content.

What Are Partner Programs?

Partner programs help you improve your presence on LinkedIn. Whether your weakness lies in customer relationships or content analytics, a partner can put you on the right track. Partners fall into different categories of marketing, allowing you to seek out the expertise and tools to meet your needs.

  • Ad partners:  Access the top strategists and the latest technology to improve your ad campaign performance
  • Content partners:  Receive high-quality content to improve your visibility, customer engagement, and conversions
  • Company page partners:  Seek the support of a partner to update all your Company Pages and other social properties through a unified dashboard
  • Custom apps partners:  Receive personalized marketing solutions to optimize brand engagement
  • Compliance partners:  Keep your LinkedIn efforts compliant to financial and other regulations

Get the most out of LinkedIn by using more than just the basic features of the platform. Take advantage of Pulse and the Partner Programs to improve your marketing and enhance your knowledge.