Finding the right partnership can make or break your SEO product dreams. By offering SEO in your product lineup, you open your business up to new clients, and can provide more value to existing clients. Ultimately, when your clients come to you for multiple services, you can better control their digital marketing outcomes. All this means happier customers.

But partnering with the wrong SEO provider can sabotage the value of your other products. Here we will outline the traits of a good SEO partner so you can find the best option for your business.

What is White-Label SEO

White-labeling is a common practice in many industries. It refers to one company using another company’s product or service under their own name. For example, Walmart sells many products under an in-store private label. The company isn’t wasting its time or resources manufacturing these products themselves but instead hires out another company to produce them under Walmart’s brand.

In the digital marketing industry, there are many complicated areas that companies can specialize in. SEO is a good example. Finding success in SEO takes experience, time, and commitment and it can be difficult for companies to start offering SEO as a product to their consumers. However, larger firms that specialize in SEO offer their services to other companies to resell. White-label SEO allows digital marketing agencies and other companies to affordably offer SEO to their clients.

Finding the Right Partner

the right partner. You need an SEO provider who will invest in your relationship and offer you exactly what you need. Look for the following qualities in your future SEO partner.

Long-term Strategy

Your first step should be figuring out what your goals as an SEO reseller are. Outline exactly what you’re looking for and make sure the companies you’re considering can meet those goals. You’re looking for a long-term partner so you want them to have experience working with other partners and growing that relationship. If they don’t seem interested in developing a lasting partnership, move on.

SEO Capabilities

Smaller firms and boutique SEO providers find it hard to match the growth of the companies they serve. At some point they will outgrow their offerings. However, a full-service SEO provider can match that growth and continue providing value to your client as they grow. They typically can sustain a larger staff so work gets done quicker and more efficiently.

Another thing to consider is how quickly SEO changes. Google can release an algorithm that completely changes the SERP landscape. Your SEO partner should have the capability to be agile in these instances. They should notice those changes quickly and be able to offer solutions to your clients that will help them continue to grow their online presence.


When you first contact SEO companies, be sure to ask them for case studies. They should be able to provide you with examples of success they’ve had with other clients. They shouldn’t give any guarantees about the success they can offer you (SEO is more complicated than that) but they should be able to prove they are experts in their fields.


Whichever partner you choose should give you access to reports about your client’s progress but they should also analyze those reports for you. You need an SEO partner that keeps you up to date with everything they do so you can keep your clients happy. The easier they make it for you to communicate with your clients, the better.

While looking at different partners be aware of how quickly they respond. A company that is on top of their communication has promise to become a good partner in the future.

Established Process

A potential SEO partner should be able to walk you through every part of their process so you understand exactly what your clients will get. If they can’t answer your questions about the process then they probably aren’t a good fit. The right partner will have a deep understanding of how search engines function. While it is impossible for them to teach you all they know about SEO in a single moment, they should be able to explain their process to some degree. In the end, good SEO is attention to detail and reacting quickly to the constant algorithm changes.

Any company who talks about SEO in a mystical way does not have a clear idea of what they’re doing. SEO is difficult and takes time but there are industry best practices that they should be able to explain to you.

With that in mind, watch out for those who practice “Black Hat” SEO. Using techniques like buying links, keyword stuffing, or cloaking are prohibited by Google’s SEO guidelines. Those who violate these rules can have their websites deindexed and see a decrease in traffic. A company might not always be forward about their use of these improper practices but those who claim to have special insights they might not be willing to share with you are worthy of suspicion. Transparency in the process makes them more reputable.

Why You Should Be an SEO Reseller

Business owners don’t have time to visit dozens of different companies to get the services they need. They want to dedicate as much of their time as possible to growing their business. If they are looking for help with digital marketing, they want a one-stop shop that can provide them with quality help. However, it can be expensive for one business to specialize in so many areas.

Let’s take a look at an analogous example. For years, Starbucks has provided high quality music in their shops as part of the coffee house environment they have striven to cultivate. However, in 2015 they saw their CD sales stalling and their music becoming stale. They turned to Spotify, a music streaming company that had the technology and expertise to solve these problems. Employees could influence the playlist of the location they worked at, adding diversity to the music. Customers could then access the music through the Starbucks app.

Spotify provided Starbucks with everything they needed to deliver premium coffee shop music to their customers. The technology, streaming rights, and access to the newest artists were Spotify’s specialty. By outsourcing that portion of their business, Starbucks could focus on providing their customers with the best coffee.

In a digital marketing context, Spotify is like an SEO partner. They can provide you with all things SEO, that’s their specialty. In turn, you can focus on your areas of expertise and offer your clients the best digital marketing out there.

What are You Waiting For? Make the Call!

Some companies are better positioned than other to provide SEO services. Partnering with an expert in the field can save your company a significant amount of time and money.

At Boostability, for instance, we have specialize in providing SEO services to our partners and their clients. As the world’s largest provider of SEO for small and medium businesses, we can invest in resources that smaller firms can’t afford. We offer all of our expertise to support our partner’s and their reselling efforts.

You need a partner you can trust. For more information on how Boostability’s SEO services can lend themselves to your business, give us a call at 1-800-261-1537 or click here.