Every day when we come to work, we have one goal in mind—help our partners and their small business customers succeed online. When Boostability was founded in 2009, only large companies could afford SEO. Our founders believed SEO should be accessible to everyone. To quote John Hammond from Jurassic Park, “This park”—or SEO, in our case—“was not built to cater only for the super rich.” Boostability offers affordable SEO specifically for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

This philosophy extends to how we structure partnerships, too. At Boostability no partner is too small to receive our full attention and support. 


Partner Centric, Partner Driven

Partnerships are the heart of what we do. When you partner with Boostability, you partner with the global leader in white label SEO

Each month we service over 30,000 accounts, many of which come through our partner channel.  But we don’t only partner with large marketing firms or web hosting powerhouses; we have partnerships of all sizes. In fact, the bulk of our partners who offer SEO for SMBs are SMBs themselves. 

Because our partners are so important to us, we pull out all the stops to make sure each partner feels like our only partner. 

Each of our partners is paired with an experienced Partner Growth Manager. Your Partner Growth Manager will walk you through onboarding, sales training, and account management. Like their title suggests, Partner Growth Managers are here to help you grow your business. 

When you succeed, we succeed.

In addition to your very own Partner Growth Manager, you’ll have access to marketing collateral and a variety of sales tools to help you successfully pitch SEO. 



Everybody likes to make more money, right? When you partner with Boostability, you have the opportunity to add a no-cost revenue stream to your business. 

Rather than charging per SEO task, we’ve structured our partner program to provide full service SEO for a flat, hourly rate so you have a healthy margin to service your customers. Our hourly rate gives you the freedom to group hours into packages that best suit your business model and your customers’ needs. 

Adding an SEO to your product lineup will help you get more customers and your customers get better results. 


Data Driven

Boostability hasn’t seen a negative impact from a Google algorithm update in 6 years. 

We actively track over 2.3 million keyword rankings per month. This gives us a unique advantage as we monitor the SEO industry. Combined with over 11 years of data, Boostability quickly notices even the smallest shift in search trends—sometimes even before Google announces their algorithm updates.

Having enough data to notice these shifts gives us time to build strategies and adjust our processes as needed, keeping our partners and their customers on top.  



Boostability is your one-stop-shop if you are looking to offer SEO as part of your digital marketing suite. We provide full-service, domestically fulfilled SEO, including both onsite AND offsite work. This means not only we can optimize the content of your customers’ websites (onsite work), we also fill out business listings, directories, and talk about your customers’ business with blog posts and articles (offsite work). 

With our proprietary CRM system, LaunchPad,  we can handle onboarding any number of new SEO accounts—from 10 to 1,000. With LaunchPad, we fully manage customer campaigns and all the tasks needed to make their campaigns successful. LaunchPad keeps our workload flowing, allowing our teams to work more quickly, efficiently, and more affordably than our competition. 

Thanks to LaunchPad, you’ll also be able to see all of the work we do on each campaign via our transparent reporting dashboard.


Getting Started As a Partner

As a Boostability Partner you won’t get lost in the shuffle. You will receive one-on-one attention with our expertise and experience here to support you and your customers’ goals. 

Give us a call at 1-800-261-1537 or learn more about our white label SEO reseller program!


Sara Beth (or SB for short), is the Senior Manager of Partner Marketing at Boostability. A graduate of Utah Valley University, SB studied writing and stage management as part of her B.A.—skills she uses every day to help Boostability partners increase their revenue and execute on results-driven SEO strategies. Specializing in SEO content creation and management, SB also brings 15+ years of event coordination to the Boostability table. In her free time, Sara Beth is an avid reader, board gamer, Dolly Parton lover, and coffee enthusiast.