Ideally, if you invite a business partner to work with you, it should reduce your stress, workload and workflow. Setting aside the legal aspects of a business partnership, you may partner with other types of businesses to boost sales, increase SEO marketing or outsource jobs for efficiency. As a result, these types of partnerships reduce workflow issues, leaving you to focus on what you do right. Take a look at how partnership marketing can benefit your workflow and give you more time to operate your business while increasing customer interactions and sales.


What Is Partnership Marketing?

Modern marketing is a complex system of ideas, from branding to content, both online and off. In today’s connected and competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to have an online presence. Instead, most companies have a multifaceted marketing plan that includes methods of distribution, product placement, affiliation and joint products.

Partnership marketing is a collaboration between brands to improve visibility by working together. Typically, the brands complement each other. The two organizations use each other’s strengths to devise a strategic campaign that helps both companies achieve their goals, and the partnerships reduce workflow. You’ve seen many examples of partnership marketing: Apple Pay, Color Your Room and Covergirl’s Star Wars makeup line.

Partnership marketing isn’t anything new. In the 1970s, Bonne Bell partnered with Dr. Pepper and created a Dr. Pepper flavored lip balm. Betty Crocker and Hershey paired up to use Hershey chocolate syrup in a brownie recipe. Both companies benefitted. A more recent success story of partnership marketing is when Taco Bell and Doritos paired their worlds and created the Doritos Locos Taco. Taco Bell sold over 1 billion units of the new product in just one year. Doritos garnered a lot of advertising thanks to that little taco.


Partnership Marketing Benefits

What is the magic of co-branding? How did two companies come together and impact each other’s growth? The marketing team realized how challenging it was to grow a customer base. They created a strategic partnership to build a brand. Here are five benefits of partnership marketing:

  1. Co-branding is cost-effective. Modern marketing is moving toward a performance model. Rather than paying for each click, brands want to see an ROI on their strategy based on bottom-dollar profits, not social media metrics, such as comments, shares and likes. Partnership marketing saves costs and benefits both partners.
  2. Your brand acquires an interested audience. The magic between Betty Crocker and Hershey was is the mix of using the Hershey product in a recipe. Hershey reached out to cooks who would now buy the syrup to make delicious brownies. Betty Crocker reached out to a new audience who might not have thought about cooking with Hershey products. Neither company had to start from scratch to find interested, new customers.
  3. Partnerships build branding. Taco Bell and Doritos positioned each other’s brands to make both companies more visible in the marketplace. Larger brands can help your brand tap into a new audience to make your brand stand out. Smaller brands can help a brand reach out into a niche audience.
  4. You add relevancy to your brand. When your customers see added value in your brand, you become more relevant and interesting. By sharing the content of another brand that complements yours, it enriches your brand and theirs. Customers are more likely to make a purchase, because your brand seems more valuable.
  5. Cross-promotions boost your sales by targeting customers at the right time. Amazon has the cross-promotion strategy down to an art. When you’re shopping on Amazon, on any given page, you’ll find links for “frequently bought together.” Interested in a stapler? Amazon offers you the opportunity to buy staples. Partnership marketing can work in a similar fashion. Your brand partners with a similar brand to encourage people to make a purchase from both brands.

Finding partners in the marketing space isn’t always easy. Working with influencers can be time consuming. Marketing partnerships take the guesswork out of online marketing by supporting your efforts with industry best practices and knowledge of the marketing culture. Boostability has been a global leader in small business online marketing for almost 10 years. We built our business on affordability, honesty and effectiveness for small businesses. We partner with companies through collaboration, commitment and execution.


Use Marketing Partnerships To Reduce Your Workflow

Your business partners need to add measurable value to your organization. An SEO partnership should bring out the best in your company and work with your clients. Business partnerships reduce workflow when the processes and systems integrate to offer clients more. Boostability offers SEO solutions through proprietary technology where we can demonstrate value, affordability and ROI. Online marketing processes simplify your client’s workflow by automating social media outreach and interaction, search engine optimization and accessibility to metrics and analysis. Here are a few of our products that can benefit your business or clients:

  • BoostSEO: A website that isn’t in local search won’t get in front of potential customers. Customers research businesses online before buying. Your site must rank high to get noticed. BoostSEO optimizes pages so that Google can find them.
  • BoostSites: Don’t build a modern website without considering SEO and design. Your online presence depends on the ability of search engines to find it. BoostSites is our tool that gives you the capability to build a website that visitors can use on any device while making sure that the technical aspects of SEO can index and rank your site. It’s our answer to making sure that customers have a great experience when they’re on your site. You get an affordable site without having to hire an agency to design it from the ground up.
  • BoostPresence: Once your site is up and running, it takes more work to make sure that it gets found and maintains its rankings. If no one ever sees your website, it might as well be a paperweight. BoostPresence is our tool that works hard to get you noticed in local search and bring customers in.
  • BoostLite: Small businesses just getting started in the SEO marketplace may not be able to afford all the bells and whistles of a boutique SEO agency. That’s why we created an affordable product that helps your business get SEO results based on your current goals and needs. As your bottom line increases, you can scale up to whatever products fit your objectives.
  • LaunchPad: Our answer to transparency is a software tool that is accessible 24/7 to see where your online marketing strategy is. You get a breakdown of how much time the team is spending to complete tasks and manage the SEO and social media tasks. This tool demonstrates the ROI that we provide.


Get Started in SEO Partnership

Using our technology, you can break into new markets through SEO partnerships that are organic. Accomplish new goals when you have an SEO partnership that finds ways to build your online presence. We have tools that automate the workflow of your online marketing processes. Choose what fits your needs and build a strategy that increases your SEO efforts.

Find out how partnerships reduce workflow in your business through Boostability’s processes. Fill out our contact form to get more information from a member of our client success team.


Aaron is the Director of Partners at Boostability. He's spent over 10 years developing partner experiences.