Google’s November 2023 Core Update was announced on November 2nd, 2023, and is currently rolling out and will probably take up to two weeks to complete.

Google mentioned that this core update involves, “an improvement to a different core system than last month.” Both the October 2023 Core Update and this one have the same guidance. 

This is Google’s fourth core update of 2023. These past updates include the March 2023 Core Update, August 2023 Broad Core Update, October 2023 Core Algorithm Update, and this current one, November 2023 Core Update.

Whenever Google releases a core update, it’s always important to remember to keep an eye on your analytics and rankings over the next few weeks. 

Detailed Q&A

Along with rolling out the update, Google also posted a more detailed Q&A explaining the new core update and the upcoming reviews update. Here are a few highlights:

  • Why another core update so soon? Google said, “We have different systems that are considered core to our ranking process; this month’s core update involves an improvement to a different core system than last month.”
  • What is the difference between a ranking update and a ranking system? Google said, “Ranking systems are what we use to generate search results. We use multiple ranking systems that do different things. We have a guide to Google search ranking systems that explains some of our more notable ones. Updates are when we make an improvement to a ranking system.”
  • What do updates do? Google said, “We use automated systems to rank search results, and like anything, these aren’t perfect. We’re always looking at ways to improve these systems to show better results.”
  • Why do some updates overlap? Google said, “We do try to separate notable updates, so that if they produce changes, site owners can better identify which system is involved. However, given we have so many updates overall, it’s not always possible. In addition, when an update is evaluated and approved because it will make Search better, we don’t want to hold that back.”
  • Why are some updates during the holiday season? Google said, “We do try to avoid having updates during the late-November to mid-December period when possible. But it’s not always possible. If we have updates that can improve Search, that have been developed over the course of several months, we release them when they’re ready.”

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