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For those who are just starting out in the online world, SEO or search engine optimization can be tricky. It involves a lot of ranking factors and comprises both on-page as well as off-page techniques, and as such, mastering them can at times be a little too tedious. Moreover, with constant updates and algorithm changes done by Google, keeping tabs on the key factors related to SEO can prove to be challenging.

However, since the key to improving your website visibility is SEO, understanding its basic components and implementing those on your site is very crucial for the success of your website. Also, as SEO is essential for improving your site’s performance, so as to increase your site’s position on SERPs, optimizing your site with the best SEO practices is imperative if you want to acquire more traffic and improve your ROI.

Now, while there are a lot of resource materials on the internet that can help you optimize your website, for a more effective result, here is a detailed SEO guide that can prove to be of immense help.

What is this guide about?

This guide is a comprehensive checklist that comprises of 75+ kick-ass SEO tips that need to be implemented on a new website in order to optimize it for search engines as well as users. Also, these techniques will help you to gain more exposure for your website and drive more traffic.

Additionally, these well-researched SEO tips are encompassed into a stunning Infographic that you can download for free.

So take a look at this below-mentioned Infographic and integrate these strategies into your SEO campaign to see your website go from being non-existent to being on top of Google!

Killer SEO Checklist