There’s one undeniable fact that any first-rate marketer can’t afford to miss in 2020: Video content is a must-have for every marketing campaign. And I mean every.

The right piece can jump-start sales and conversion rates like no other type of content, making it a no-brainer tool that most brands should leverage. Plenty of them already do this marvelously!

However, as any experienced video company will tell you, every campaign has unique needs and challenges, even from a video standpoint. Your marketing objectives for two campaigns are hardly ever exactly the same, and target audiences usually vary somewhat as well.

It stands to reason then, that not just any campaign can benefit from any video! A piece intended to raise brand awareness will have neither the same structure nor content of one promoting a new product.

Today, we are going to talk a bit about these things. Figuring out the type of videos that will work best in conjunction with your landing pages to power-up your overall campaign.

Let’s get started!


Educational Videos

Possibly the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name are those long, boring videos teachers made you watch at school, right? Well, that’s far from what we are talking about here.

This type of video—when done right—bears no resemblance whatsoever with those! Educational pieces help you build your audience by informing them of relevant topics closely related to your business, in a lighthearted and entertaining way.

You may be wondering, “Teaching but not advertising? Where’s the marketing benefit for my company in that?”

To start with, it establishes your business as an expert in its field, boosting consumer trust in your brand and products. What’s more, “selflessly” answering to leads’ questions helps you form a connection with them. This is especially useful for increasing your brand’s visibility and awareness while generating visits to your website.


Commercial Videos

Commercial videos are probably the type you are most familiar with, since it’s the closest to classic advertisements from the T.V. era.

A commercial video sells something and doesn’t need to hide it. Despite this, a great one does make use of storytelling to provoke a higher emotional impact. It tries to accomplish this in less than 30 seconds.

Times have changed, though, and ads are facing a new obstacle: the skip button. In this framework, a well-crafted commercial video has to grab the audience by the throat from the get-go.

While you can use commercials on your site, commercials are more about bringing people to your landing pages. If you are aiming to attract new potential leads or foster brand awareness, these videos might be the ticket.

Explainer Videos

Did you know Google ranks sites that include videos higher than those without? Well, if you want to boost conversions and improve session time on your landing pages, explainer videos are a perfect fit!

It doesn’t matter how complex your product, service, or concept you are trying to cover is, the explainer style can cover it effectively in two-minutes or less. More importantly, while covering your main value proposition, explainers address your target audience’s pain-point directly and convey that your solution is the best solution to their problem.

That alone can work wonders with the properly optimized page to generate quality leads and reduce bounce rates. All attributes that most businesses can benefit greatly from.


Customer Testimonials

Testimonials work wonders for the decision stage of the buyer’s journey. There are few things more trustworthy and convincing than having actual customers sharing their real, satisfying experiences with your product or service.

These videos are pretty straightforward; they consist of one happy client pointing out how your brand came into their lives and helped them deal with a problem.

Done right, testimonials make your audience feel that if you could take care of that client’s pain-point, then you could handle theirs as well. Combined with the perfectly optimized landing page, they can be fantastic lead and conversion generators.

Moreover, customer testimonials are an excellent way to humanize your brand and strengthen your brand-customer relationship.


Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos involve any content that’s created specifically to be shared through social networks. Therefore, they can be a bit like every other type of video. However, you need to bear in mind the piece will ultimately be defined by the platform that will display it, and the type of consumer it’s targeting.

After all, the viewers expect different things from different networks. For example, a straight-up, regular long-form video will probably perform better than a short piece that can be viewed with the sound off on Facebook.

To showcase a video through social media effectively is quite a challenge since audiences will often be flooded with similar content. However, challenging is not the same as impossible!

Make the most out of your social media pieces by making them as short and engaging as possible. Even more importantly, always try to provoke an emotional response. That’s what generates considerably more shares, comments, and engagement online.

Social media videos give you the perfect opportunity to drive more visits to your site and enhance your brand awareness while increasing chances for conversion.


Product Videos

Product videos and landing pages go hand in hand. They help you portray your product or service, accentuating their strengths and positive attributes, facilitating the conversion work to your site’s layout.

Naturally, that makes them remarkably useful for e-commerce businesses, since it’s the closest your potential clients can get to the product online.

This type of video plays a significant role in the buyer’s decision, increasing trust in the product or service, and overcoming last-minute resistances by addressing necessary explanations.

If your landing page is all about closing sales, you shouldn’t go without a product video for long.


Culture Videos

A culture video tends to be embedded in your home website, whether addressing potential employees or customers.

Its purpose is to show your company’s human side and what makes it unique, in an effort to evoke empathy. This is beneficial for connecting with your audience on an emotional level and keeping your staff motivated and invested in the team.

Culture videos shine a spotlight on the faces behind the logo and convey clearly the ideals, values, mission, and vision that power its work – Which fits perfectly with any number of landing pages.


Wrapping Up

In video marketing (like with most things in life), it’s all relative.

If you want your website to deliver the results you are after, you should be pairing them with the appropriate type of video content. Start by outlining the purpose of your landing page, then move on to your target audience and the stage of the buyer’s journey they are in.

Keep those aspects in mind, along with the valuable information you learned about today, and choose the type of video that fits them all. The results will speak for themselves!


Victor Blasco is an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the explainer video company Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.