Starting your own e-Commerce store has become easier than ever. Especially with the emergence of platforms like Shopify. But as a web entrepreneur, it’s imperative that you focus on marketing your business. If your store already has a loyal following who drive traffic to your stores, and make purchases, then great! But if you’re looking to find ways to increase the number of sales you generate online, then you might want to read these four tips on how to increase profits.


Drive Paid Traffic

Once you’ve worked on optimizing your website’s SEO, you’ll want to drive paid traffic to your store. The idea of “paid” traffic might seem a bit pricey at first, but in order to build a successful PPC, or display ad campaign, it’s necessary. It ensures that you’ll receive more money than what you spent on advertising.

A go-to, must-have tool for exactly this is Google AdWords. This platform sends traffic to your site using targeted display ads, and Facebook ads.

Additionally, paid traffic is a great way to build a mailing list, and sell your products. Keep in mind that you need to be targeting the right keywords and choosing the right traffic sources if you want results.


Unclog Your Sales Funnel

Collecting e-mails but not seeing any return? You’re clogging up your sales funnel when your e-mail marketing efforts are lacking the necessary structure. Email marketing allows you to send automated updates about your store – whether it be sales, new merch, etc. – to your mailing list. In order for this to be successful, you must set up landing pages, lead generation pop-ups, and offer lead magnets. It sounds complicated, but it’s as simple as offering 25% off to visitors who submit their e-mail address to your list.


Make Your Products Available on Other e-Commerce Sites

It’s simply not enough to just sell products on your website. Why not benefit from utilizing major eCommerce sites such as eBay, and/or Amazon? Selling on these sites brands your products, increases the number of people who actually know the product exists, and they can be used as traffic sources to your site!

You can use the same product descriptions, and link your e-Commerce website to your eBay, or Amazon account – acting as a referral link, giving people an incentive to buy directly from you instead, in the future.



According to Marccx Media, “companies that blog over sixteen times per month receive more indexed traffic and inbound leads.” Let entertaining, informative content be the bait to lure customers to your site! Write about topics that are relevant to your niche, and share this content across your social media platforms. Content is king in the world of digital marketing, and when you’re providing consistent, reliable information, it will entice people to your site!

Another statistic you should keep top of mind, is this: 46% of users read reviews and blogs before purchasing online, while at least 13% of consumers cite blogs as the main source for inspiring a purchase.

These four tips aren’t the end-all, be-all for e-Commerce sites, but they are great starting points to get your digital marketing efforts up to speed – and helping you generate more sales!



Colton is the Director of SEO Strategy at Boostability testing and defining the products and processes that make Boostability's customers successful. He has been a part of Boostability for over 7 years. Colton loves hanging out with his family and gaming. He runs a personal blog over at where he discusses gaming, life, and SEO.