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Keywords are the words and phrases that you type into Google or another search engine that bring up results. And of course you want your website to show up when people type in the types of things that you offer through your business and website. So how do you do that? You optimize your website for those keywords. And it all starts with keyword research services to set the stage for the success of an SEO campaign.  Keyword research for small businesses helps you understand if it will be hard to rank for a certain keywords, how much traffic the keyword will bring in, and if it will help to bring in new traffic and customers to your business.

Why is Keyword Research Important in SEO?

Keywords Get Your Website Ranking

Keywords are the base of an SEO campaign. While a lot of different tasks go into helping your website grow in the rankings, the keyword research and analysis sets the base for the rest of the work. Keyword research allows SEO specialists to optimize your website content and write blogs to help increase your visibility for those keywords.


Keyword research isn’t just picking random helpful keywords and then jumping into tasks. An SEO keyword research service takes time and strategy. Keyword research for small businesses takes into account your business industry, location, competition, current site authority, and other factors in order to set up your SEO campaign for success.


Measure of SEO Success

You measure the success of your SEO campaign by the growth of keywords. When keywords start to increase in positioning and ultimately reach page one of Google, that means your SEO campaign is working. Keyword research lays the foundation so that you can optimize the rest of your site, that signals to the search engine algorithm that your site is growing and improving. As search engine spiders crawl your site, they will take notice of the optimized keywords and begin to lift them in the rankings.


Increased Site Traffic

Keyword research services help you know how hard it will be to rank for a certain term. Your business website might have a lot of local competition. So it can be harder to rank for popular keywords. That’s when keyword research and analysis you find keywords you can rank for quickly. Any key terms on page one will help your website bring in more traffic. And keyword research helps you pick the strategic keywords that people will search for. As your website grows in authority, your SEO keyword research service can help you pick new and more competitive keywords to rank for.

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The Boostability Approach to Keyword Research and Analysis

Types of Keywords

There are different types of keywords based on the searcher’s intent. Keyword research and analysis shows that intent could be focused on learning additional information, taking action, or recalling past knowledge. Google classifies keywords into three main categories: “do,” “know,” and “go.” “Do” represents the keyword category of completing an action. “Know” represents the keyword category of learning additional information. “Go” represents the keyword category of recalling past knowledge by knowing exactly what they’re searching for. These different types of keywords help put the searcher’s intent into a better perspective and are important when choosing the right keyword for your target audience.

Identify Audience

When deciding which keywords to use on a website, it’s important to understand and identify an audience. Understanding an audience puts effort towards relating and focusing on the audience’s niche or what sets them apart from other competitors. Without understanding their platform, or where an audience comes from, can be a huge set back in finding and using the right keywords. Implementing keyword research and analysis in an industry, or recognizing the target market for SEO campaigns, is the right approach in effectively identifying and getting the most out of an audience.


SERP Intent

Understanding a search engine’s intent, such as Google, is as important as understanding an individual’s search intent. Search engines use keyword research and analysis to find the best content for their users. Where you insert or add keywords into your content is just as important as the words you choose. For some keywords, it’s easier to know where they go on a website. What’s important is finding the goal of your keyword and adding it where it will succeed the most on your site.

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Why Should I Hire an SEO Keyword Research Service?

Keyword research can be tricky to find exactly what will help your website rank. Our Boostability keyword research team is made up of SEO specialists who can help pick out strategic keywords based on your industry, location, competitive landscape, and how your site currently performs. They have years of experience knowing what to look for and what it will take to get our small business clients ranking.


Boostability provides small business SEO services that improve a company’s digital presence to stay competitive online. A critical component of SEO that sets the groundwork for everything else is strong keyword research for every business website. This research is done at an individual level. Are you ready to get started? Talk to an expert below and see if our SEO and keyword research services are a right fit for your small business!

Boostability Gets You Found

At Boostability, we’re not just another SEO company. We’re obsessed with helping our small business customers get found online. From the second you connect with you, you’ll see that passion shine through.


We have hundreds of SEO experts working for all of our customers. We track millions of keywords every month, so you know your SEO campaign is fueled by data-driven decisions. And with over ten years of experience where we haven’t been negatively impacted by a Google algorithm update since 2013, we provide keyword research services for small businesses helping to increase the SEO reach and site authority to stay competitive online.

Keyword Research FAQ

What are keyword research SEO services?

Keyword research is the practice SEO professionals use to determine the right keywords for a specific business to help rise in search rankings. Keyword research, specifically in SEO, is one of many specific tasks that can help improve a website’s ranking. Keyword research and keyword optimization are usually run by keyword specialists. They help conduct research to pick competitive and strategic keywords to start optimizing on a business’ website. Working with an SEO company, such as Boostabilty, can help your business’ SEO campaign with keyword research services and a variety of other tasks.



Why is keyword research important in SEO?

Keyword research is very important in SEO due to the reason keywords help solve what an individual or particular audience is searching for. When your business creates content with no direction or reason, there’s no intent behind it for SEO to support it. Implementing keyword research helps improve the quality of your content’s SEO. Keywords help search engines guide users by finding your content and answering questions that help point an individual in the right direction. Without adding keyword research, SEO becomes less trivial to your content’s strategy.



How much does keyword research services cost?

There’s a common misconception that SEO and keyword research services must be expensive in order to do it successfully. That’s not the case! There’s a variety of factors that play into ranking online, and they depend on your business needs. You want to make sure that the keyword research and analysis takes your goals, business, and target audience into account when giving you a price quote. This can be affordable and available at any budget. Check out our SEO pricing page for more information!



How are SEO keywords used?

Keywords get used in a variety of ways throughout a web page. They are in the content, the words on the page, blog posts, titles, alt text in images, and more. Good keywords, found in the research phase, can be implemented throughout a website, while avoiding overusing the phrase, known as keyword stuffing. But an SEO specialist, like at Boostability, knows how to strategically place keywords onto your website that will help it grow in the SERPs.

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