SEO Pricing & Online Marketing Packages


Today’s consumers more and more are researching online before they buy a product or service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can give businesses a strong organic presence and opportunity to be found first when potential customers actively look for a product or service. Sometimes it’s challenging to compete in a marketplace where other businesses have more time or money to dedicate to their online marketing strategy.

Boostability specializes in bringing the value of online marketing to the small business market by providing SEO services for a variety of small businesses at an affordable cost:

We use the total pricing tool to determine the number of hours each customer needs to rank on the first page. We will take those hours, combine them with the flat rate based on customer SEO preferences, and form an optimal package to deliver the SEO work customers need. A dedicated account manager works with each customer to come to a consensus of the work needed to rank. Many companies overcharge for the work it takes to rank in a customer’s area, or they underfund a campaign so a customer cannot rank. Avoid these companies, as overcharging and underfunding are both simply schemes to keep money flowing with no SEO results.

Three major factors determine what quality SEO costs for a given customer. The first is the market category. The category of a business’s product or service and its relation to its surrounding competition heavily influence the amount of work and spend needed to achieve high ranking. For example, competition for a heating company in Arizona would most likely be slim due to the region’s hot climate. However, a heating company in Idaho would likely need to spend a greater amount on SEO to stand out from the competitors in its market.

Next, the size of market location has a significant influence on the cost of SEO. Businesses looking to rank in smaller, rural markets with scanty competition do not need to spend as much on SEO. Larger, more urban markets with heavier competition require a greater SEO spend simply because beating that competition is a bigger job.

The larger the area targeted for ranking, the more SEO will cost. Local businesses looking to target an area outside of their actual location also need to spend more because it takes more extensive work to convince Google of the business’s relevancy to that targeted location.

Lastly, the cost of SEO depends on the number of keywords desired for ranking and the competitiveness of those keywords. More keywords for ranking require more SEO time and, therefore, more SEO spend. It’s important to note that not all keywords are equally difficult or easy to target. Some keywords are harder to rank for than others, and some are difficult for certain businesses, but not for others. Not all keywords and not all businesses are created equally, so steer clear of SEO companies that base their prices entirely on keyword count. Most SEO companies operate on a basis of a flat rate, plus an hourly rate for the actual SEO work. Any reputable SEO company considers the market, the size of the market, and the number of keywords when determining cost for the SEO work needed to achieve results.

At Boostability, we carefully consider each of the three contributing SEO cost factors to create a budget that is just right for our customers. We neither overcharge for SEO efforts nor underfund targeted goals. To determine how much you should invest on a monthly basis for SEO to achieve the rankings you want, click here for your free quote.

Like any other business, Boostability charges for its product to make the work of its unique services possible. At rates made economical for small businesses and developing websites, payment for Boostability’s services funds the analysis, configuration, and optimization conducted by its team of specialists.

To provide options for various budgets and business goals, Boostability offers several tiers of SEO packages—each with its own quotient of SEO work devoted to its customers. Boostability’s dedicated client service representatives help customers decide which package will be the most beneficial to them based on their business size and SEO goals.

When searching for an SEO company, it is important to ask companies how they charge for their services. Ask them if they charge an hourly rate and what that rate is. If a company simply charges you a flat fee and doesn’t disclose what SEO work that flat fee covers, consider that a big red flag. Quality SEO companies tell customers what they are charging and what work they do for that price.

At Boostability, we have created a total pricing tool that takes all these factors into consideration. We built this pricing tool specifically for our partners to use with their clients by using our site directly or connecting through an API. The total pricing tool scrapes the web to find competition for those factors and then determines a recommended budget.

Several metrics can clearly illustrate whether your SEO efforts are making an impact. The first (and arguably most prominent) of those metrics is website placement in the SERPs. Your rankings for the keywords you’re targeting should steadily increase over time.

As your placement on the SERPs increases, so should your traffic from organic sources. The easiest way to track this increase is through Google Analytics (though other analytics software does exist). Analytics can also pinpoint where traffic is coming from and make sure you’re doing SEO work for the keywords that  bring in potential clients.

Your SEO work for one keyword will also increase your website’s overall authority. You can monitor metrics like Moz’s Domain Authority or Google’s PageRank (which is not likely to update for the public) and see it continue to rise over time.