Transcription of Booster Seat video

Hey there Boosters! Welcome to another edition of The Booster Seat.

Today we’re talking about the updated Sitelink Search Box by Google.

In talking about the updated, improved version of this Sitelink search box, it’s actually pretty exciting what Google has done. In the past, Google has always determined that when somebody searches for a company name, they’re also going to want to search for other things in that website. When you search for a company name like “Boostability,” you’ll have what are called “site links” below – popular pages that will show up right below the business name. It usually takes up quite a big chunk of search results but that’s what Google decided users wanted to do. Below those site links, there is this search box, which would actually do another Google search for all the pages on that website that contain the search term you put in.

Google has now enhanced that search feature to include a couple other items in there. The first item that they now support is Autocomplete.


Autocomplete is when you’re in the middle of typing a phrase, this search box will actually pull up similar or like phrases, or try to interpret what phrase you’re trying to find, just like their search engine does. Then you can click on it and then it will actually search there.

Link Directly to Your Search Page

This new search box can actually sync – if you use the proper mockup – to your own search page on your website. So instead of using the Sitelinks search and having it pull up multiple pages about your website on Google, now when you do this search, it will pull up the search page on your own website.

Proper Markup Needed

Now what we’re talking about here is that proper markup is needed. “Proper markup” is using the schema tags to be able to mark up your search box so that Google can make that connection. This is actually an exciting thing that Google has done – they’ve made this more prominent in the sitelinks search results for the business names – it’s a little bit exciting.

So we wanted to send out this video to inform the public about this exciting new announcement. Again, if you sent it up properly, it should link up just great.

All right, stay cool. Thanks for liking and commenting!