In the latest edition of Search Session, Boostability VP of Marketing Amanda Price spoke to Thryv’s VP of Product and marketing Ryan Cantor about how your business can adapt to the new normal, the customer phycology shift, how to conduct safe commerce, and how to leverage technology to build trust and do business in this new COVID-19 environment.

Watch the broadcast here, or read on for some of the key takeaways.

Accept and Adapt to the New Normal

During this pandemic and time of transition, we’ve needed to grow and get accustomed to a lot of new changes. And all those changes took place in just two months! And while there’s still a lot of uncertainties, we see consumers and businesses adopt technologies they weren’t using before. (ie: delivery services, telehealth, virtual workouts, cashless transitions.) 

Bottomline, if you don’t adapt to the new changes in business for your industry, your competition will. The market share is up for grabs. Even customers you’ve seen loyal to your business for years could go somewhere else if they find another business can meet their needs. Start now to make the necessary changes for your customers to make for a safe and comfortable experience in the wake of COVID-19.


Customer Psychology Shift

We just experienced one of the fastest changes ever in consumer psychology. Consumers have new expectations and want to feel safe. They evaluate businesses for more than just the goods and services you provide. Customers now want to make sure they can stay safe and healthy during an experience with your business. 

Optimize your website content and images where you can and show how you conduct business safely and responsibly. Build trust with both your customers and other companies through safe-commerce practices. 


Learn How to Adapt for the Future

Rethink how your business will adapt in the long term. Don’t adopt a band-aid mentality. We will deal with these types of practices for some time to come. So you need to institutionalize these new changes. If you don’t make the necessary pivots to help your customers feel safe right now, they will go elsewhere. 

Look at every customer touchpoint in your process from beginning to end and adjust. Take time and build a plan for the needs of your customers. Use this time to adapt and learn how to move your business forward. 


Thryv is one of the fastest-growing, all-in-one customer experience platforms for small businesses. They help automate processes from the initial customer touchpoint of their online presence all the way through to loyalty programs to help companies generate repeat business.


Amanda is the Vice President of Marketing at Boostability. Amanda has 15 years of marketing and public relations experience. Prior to Boostability, Amanda was Co-Founder and CMO of PromoJam Social Marketing Platform, acquired by Deluxe Corporation in 2014.