Starting a conversation with any stranger is a tough task. (It’s basically the reason I select the self-checkout option at the grocery store whenever it’s available.) Business conversations are no exception, and once you’ve thrown tech into the mix, it just seems to get even more difficult.

But the secret to selling SEO—or anything really—is knowing how to create a dialogue around it. Here are our favorite ways to do it when it comes to talking to clients about SEO strategy and implementation.


Know the value of SEO.

We’ve talked at length on our blog about the value of SEO, but we feel it’s worth restating. SEO is one of the most powerful tools for the modern business. Because the bulk of buying decisions start online (even if they don’t finish there), creating an online presence that’s easy to find and interact with is critical for success. But even when business owners know that an online presence is important, seeing how SEO fits into the equation isn’t always a guarantee. Your job as an SEO reseller is to make this value clear.

We know this is tricky. SEO is a process, and it takes six months or more to start seeing significantly improved results. This also means that you can’t promise a specific, numerical ROI from the get-go. Rather, you’ll need to take a more holistic approach when showcasing SEO’s value. Here are a few key points to work with.

The best SEO strategies rely on data.

Any marketer worth their salt knows that their industry isn’t based on guesswork—it’s data. Especially if your small business customers are unfamiliar with SEO, explaining that the decisions you make are determined by real consumer behavior and not just wild predictions can go a long way in helping them understand why it’s so important.

Overwhelmingly, websites with more traffic make more money.

While you can’t guarantee a certain number of visitors or a particular influx of revenue, general trends indicate more visitors creates larger income streams. Make this connection, and you’re well on your way to selling SEO.

Working with an SEO firm saves time.

Optimization, while never stagnant, allows business to focus on actually running their organization. By allowing the experts to do what they do best, owners in turn get to dedicate more time to honing their own process and developing new ideas to grow their market.

For more ideas on how to talk to your customers about the value of SEO, read this article.


Make SEO seem approachable.

The tech industry in general can be a tough nut to crack. With lots of jargon, shifting expectations, and constantly changing rules, making the process easy to understand is the only way you’ll have a productive conversation around SEO.

Acknowledge that in order to sell SEO effectively, you’re going to have to educate people about how it works. If you expect a potential client to know more than the simplest of SEO strategies, you’ll be trying to make a sale to the customer equivalent of a kindergartner in an algebra class. But if you realize that education is going to be a part of your business model, you’re automatically primed for more success.

Boostability takes its role as an industry educator very seriously. Take a look at some of our recent webinars to learn the basics (and help your own consumer base learn them, too).

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After a decade in the SEO arena, Boostability has learned a thing or two. Colton Miller and Mike Marsh, two resident SEO experts, walk listeners through SEO’s 2019 transformation and give us an idea of what to expect this year. It’s essential listening if you’re busy planning out your 2020 marketing plan. (Let’s be real—we marketers are always planning.)

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Knowing how Google searches and ranks a website is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Featured snippets are prime real estate on a SERP, so knowing how to create content that’s optimized to appear in that coveted position can really be a secrete weapon.


Connect SEO to other digital marketing services.

We’ve mentioned this already in this article alone, but we’ll do it again. SEO is only one piece of a really big puzzle. Optimization only works effectively and consistently when you pair it with other marketing efforts.

If you’re considering adding SEO to your own product lineup, there’s a good chance you’re already offering additional marketing services. Even if you’re not, connecting your customers to people who do will make all the difference in your campaign.

One our biggest recommendations is ensuring your clients’ content creation is in good hands—either your own or another organizations’. Especially in light of the recent BERT algorithm update, content that is relevant and actionable is more important than ever before. At Boostability, content creation is baked into our fulfillment process, ensuring that our other SEO practices—like keyword research and web design—work together with original content to keep our customers ranking as high as possible in the search results.


Join the Partner Program (and get some sweet perks).

The Boostability Partner Program shoulders a lot of the responsibility of client interaction. Our superhero-quality Sales Support team is literally a phone call away at any point in the conversion process. Our expert sales team will explain the finer (or not-so-fine) points of SEO to a lead and help you make the deal, with an average close rate that’s higher than doing it alone.  We also provide all of our Partners with a dedicate growth manager and educational materials you and your clients can use.

Ready to start selling SEO this week? (Yeah, it’s that fast.) Contact us today.


Kara is a Sales Leader at Boostability and brings ten years of sales experience to the company.