Every year, Boostability goes all out during the month of October. It’s no secret that our team loves the Halloween holiday with contests and events all month long. And it all culminates in a big costume contest and family trick-or-treating on October 31st.

Coloring Contest

The month started out with a coloring contest. Employees could create their own Halloween-themed drawing, or color in a set of pumpkins, spiderweb, or haunted house scene. We have some very creative employees!

Coloring Contest

Mini Pumpkin Decorating

The decorating went far beyond just pumpkins on paper. We got very inventive with ways to turn mini pumpkins into special characters. Everything from Humpty Dumpty, to a Frog Princess, to a Purple People Eater! Scariest things you ever did see!

Group pumpkins 2 elle laulu pumpkin donna smith humpty dumpty priscilla thompson

Desk Decorating

You’re thinking so much decorating, right? Oh no, we’re just getting started. Cute little pumpkins got us thinking bigger. Why stop at pumpkins? Let’s decorate desks, or even entire departments! Boostability ingenuity knows no bounds! One department created an entire zoo with their desks. Another department had an Alice in Wonderland theme. And it turns out Luigi’s Mansion and Pandora from Avatar are actually located in the Boostability Orem office! Who knew?

image image  image Boo door image imageimage image image image image

Candy Jar Guessing Game

We took one week off from showing off our decorating prowess and channeled the other important part of Halloween, and that’s candy. Both Lehi and Orem offices had fancy jars of candy. All we had to do was guess the correct number of candies inside, and win the entire jar. Simple right? Well hundreds of guesses later, and we came away with winners. But the numbers were likely a lot higher than you’d think!

candy jars


All these fun events lead up to the big day on Wednesday, October 31st. The office got all dressed up to celebrate the big day. And we even got to bring in our families for some office trick or treating between departments. Everyone looked fantastic! Even our families got to come in for a little office trick-or-treating.

Boost zoo alice in wonderland HR Harry Potter Aaron Presbury Sara Beth Preston

Orem Halloween Orem Halloween Orem Halloween Orem halloween orem halloween Orem halloween

Until next year BOO-sters!



Kristine is the Director of Marketing at Boostability. She brings a decade's worth of communications strategy work to the company. Kristine has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Communications from Gonzaga University and graduated from BYU with her undergrad in Broadcast Journalism. She's worked in television news, public relations, communications strategy, and marketing for over 10 years. In addition to being a part of the marketing team, Kristine enjoys traveling, sports, and all things nerdy.