It’s been just a few weeks since Google+ has opened to a much bigger audience and it is staggering to see how quickly they are growing.  I log into my personal account and have people adding me left and right to their circles. Seems a lot lately that they are just spam friends, but Google+ has that great feature of allowing you to block people and keep them out of your news feed and circles.

Now below I have a chart showing the growth of Google+ compared to Facebook and Twitter. This is just crazy to me to see how much of a force Google has on the marketplace to actually gain this kind of growth in such a short period of time. Here, take a look:

16 days! That is just unbelievable to me! If I could create an SEO campaign that got me that kind of traffic and amount of people to sign up for my service in just that short of an amount of time, I would feel like a God among men!  Of course we need to factor in that this is in an age where Facebook is already a household name and most people understand what it is, so there isn’t that hurdle to jump over for internet users to understand what a social network is.

It interesting to think about what kind of influence Google+ is going to have in the internet world, and SEO in general. We have yet to see the way that it can be used for businesses, but that I assure you that it is going to be something we will be seeing very soon. As soon as we learn more about it, we will be posting information here on our blog.

If you want to try using Google+ and see how the interface works with marketing your content, feel free to add me into your circle. I will be posting my blog posts on Google+ and other good information that might be of value to you and your company!