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Alexander Elkin, Secret Keeper and Bridge Builder

A friendly face around the Berlin office, Alexander has been working for Boost since November of 2019. A native of Kazakhstan, Alex is an IT specialist, the wizard who makes it possible for everyone at Boost to do their job and do it well. He a man of few words, but the ones he does use are powerful. Get to know Alex a little better.

alexander elkin

Quick! An elevator pitch! Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less.

          Mediator between the technical and non-technical world.

How do you explain what you do to friends and family, especially when they’re not familiar with tech or SEO?

I make people comfortable to work on computers and the internet.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like that I get to help people.

What do you like about Boost’s company culture?

Friendly team and family-friendly management.

Describe an on-the-job experience where you grew your skills or learned something new.

           After my two-week business trip to Boost Headquarters in Utah, I know how to better manage complex hardware and virtual servers.

How has Boostability prepared you for your future or furthered your career goals?

I’m ready to be the head of IT or the Vice President of Technology.

What’s your take on the digital marketing industry, especially from someone working in your particular role?

The digital marketing industry is one of the most important industries in the modern digital world, especially for small businesses that want to go beyond their communication channels and communities.

What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

I like to be with my family.

What’s something unique about you that people couldn’t tell just by looking at you?

I’m humble.

If you could make a guest appearance on a TV show, what show would you choose?


Anything else you want to share about yourself? 

No, you already know too much. 🙂

Krystin is the Social Media and Brand Management Coordinator at Boostability. Specializing in curating engaging social posts that keep our readers, partners, and clients informed on the latest digital marketing updates, trending news, and best practices to enhance their SEO campaigns. In addition to that, Krystin spearheads the review generation and management initiative throughout the entire company. Outside of work, Krystin loves BTS, baking, Harry Potter, and trying new local restaurants in her community (especially brunch and coffee)!