From AI-based automation to hyperlocal marketing, new tactics are constantly popping up in the world of digital marketing. While these newer tools certainly hold potential, it’s imperative to pay attention to established marketing strategies. Just because there are recent advancements doesn’t mean tried and tested methods should be neglected.

Did you know that there are over 4 billion email users worldwide? Email marketing continues to be a powerful marketing tool to connect with your target audience and nurture long-lasting relationships. It’s no wonder that 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach their audience. 

Speaking of reach, Search Engine Optimization is another important element of digital marketing. Effective SEO strategies play a key role in boosting your brand’s ranking on search engines. 

Like most things in the digital world, email marketing and SEO overlap. Both of these strategies focus on using content to promote your business. While there is no obvious connection between the two, marketers can combine the power of these tactics to take digital marketing efforts to the next level. 

In this post, we’re sharing different ways email marketing influences SEO. Take a look.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Identifying and defining your target audience is a cornerstone of result-oriented digital marketing. Since it’s impossible and wasteful to reach everyone at once, it’s imperative to focus on customers genuinely interested in your brand. And this is where email marketing comes into the picture. 

Recipients that enjoy your content are more likely to click on the CTA and browse your website. This implies well-planned email marketing drives high-qualified visitors to your website, who won’t immediately exit. It’s an effective way to reduce the bounce rate.

Show Up In Relevant Queries

Today’s consumer is likely to search for products and services online. That’s why you need to fine-tune several SEO strategies to ensure your business shows up in relevant search results. Search engines like Google are focused on sorting through billions of web pages and delivering relevant and useful results to maximize user experience. 

With the help of email marketing, you can make the algorithm work in your favor. Rather than guessing what your target audience is looking for, why not ask them directly? You can share surveys related to relevant topics with your email list. Based on the response, you can determine their intent. Next, we urge you to use these insights to put together Q&A-style content. 

Repurpose High-Performing Email Content

Newsletters are an essential part of email marketing. However, these email campaigns are more versatile than you may have thought. Rather than solely sharing offers, deals, and updates via email, it would be best to occasionally curate exclusive content for your subscribers. If this content resonated with your subscribers, you should repurpose it for your website to boost search rankings. 

Boost Social Media Presence

Typically, marketing emails include social sharing buttons, which encourage subscribers to share content on their social media pages. However, you can’t expect readers to share without any encouragement. It’s always better to include a clear CTA.

Is social media sharing a ranking factor? The simple answer is no but there is more to it. While social media shares don’t directly impact your search engine rankings, improving social visibility can enhance your SEO efforts. 

In fact, likes, shares and other interactions can further amplify the factors considered by search engines. When a lot of people are sharing your content, they will likely link to it. Moreover, a popular piece of content may be picked up by an influential blog or online publication. And such links are an important aspect of SEO. 

From positive mentions to valuable partnerships, there are a number of ways your brand can benefit from social shares. 

Automate Traffic Flow

One of the prime purposes of email marketing is sharing high-quality content that will leave an impression on your audience. Email content should be memorable enough to encourage your audience to conduct organic searches in the future. 

The frequency is another important factor to consider when sending emails. Sending an email once every six months isn’t impactful enough. 

That being said, bombarding your email list with non-stop emails is not the right way to go. Not only do you risk being labeled as spam, but email providers may also restrict your reach. That’s why it’s essential to use a warmup email tool to increase email deliverability and opening rate. Fortunately, you can easily automate the process of warming up your email account.

Sending emails is a tedious but necessary task. But who said you have to send every email manually? There are plenty of automation tools available that make email marketing considerably less time-consuming. 

In particular, you can use automation to send a new subscriber a series of emails based on predetermined criteria. This will allow new subscribers to view your best post and subsequently boost your traffic flow. 

Get Valuable Cues About Keywords

Email marketing offers an opportunity for keyword testing. A/B testing allows marketers to test different versions of an email and determine which one appeals to their audience. In addition to creating useful email content, conducting A/B testing also gives valuable cues about keywords. 

You can try out different keywords in the subject lines as well as the body of the email and find out which words your target audience resonates with. You can utilize these insights to optimize your website and other content. While there are many other tools for keyword research, this is an effective way to make your website content more appealing to users. 

The Bottom Line

Though SEO and email marketing on their own may yield significant results for your business, you can utilize them together to improve brand visibility and SERP rankings. Exploring this union can help you make the most of your digital marketing efforts. After all, relevant email marketing can drive valuable traffic to your website as well as increase search visibility.


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