Content Marketing is focused on reaching the public through creative, valuable content that’s relevant to what you do. Instead of selling something, content marketing provides consumers with information that’s truly engaging and useful.

How do you marry that with SEO? Easy. You just have to get out of the mindset that says “sell the product” and into the mindset that says “give people something interesting to read or watch and let the product sell itself.”

Why Is Content Marketing Important to SEO?

Content marketing and SEO are intertwined. SEO, by its lonesome, is much more technical and concerned with links, clicks, metadata, strategy and numbers. Content, by itself, is broader and aims to fulfill the demands of the consumer for information and entertainment. If possible, content tries to answer questions before consumers even realize they have them.

When SEO is properly integrated with content marketing, they help drive each other forward. The technical methods of good SEO help drive content forward where consumers can easily see it. In return, good content that’s relevant to your brand helps drive up the SEO results.

By providing relevant, consistent content that attracts a clearly defined audience, you build up your site’s credibility and increase traffic. Interesting content can be repurposed and shared with others. An infographic can become a YouTube video and factoids pulled from either can be turned into tweets and Facebook posts. All of this builds your brand’s visibility and leads to backlinks that again increase your site’s authority.

Some great examples of content are:

  • Blog posts
  • Guest Articles
  • Onsite Copy
  • Infographics
  • Slideshares
  • Shared videos with transcripts
  • FAQs pages or Q&A content

Continue reading below for more specifics on how to optimize your content for the best results.

Boostability’s SEO Strategy Includes Great Content

Google rewards quality content with higher SERPs, so no worthwhile SEO strategy can ignore the importance of content marketing. You can expect a reliable SEO company to provide you with intelligent content that engages readers and encourages them to click through to your site looking for more:

Blog posts

Blogs give you a way to directly connect with your followers and keep your site regularly updated, which is crucial to SEO. We also provide articles for popular websites in your industry. That creates backlinks to your site and drives more traffic your way.

It’s important to keep the content fresh, with a mix of trending topic and evergreen information. Humor is also important — blog posts that appeal to awe, amusement and laughter are the top three types of blogs that get shared across the web and are more likely to go viral.


Infographics are a fun way of breaking written content down into visual representations. They can tell a story, walk readers step-by-step through instructions, and help readers easily digest complex information. In fact, visuals take up a lot less time and mental energy from today’s busy consumers. Consumers can actually process a visual image up to 60,000 times faster than they can written information.

They’re appealing and easy to distribute through syndication services, which gives them a high SEO value. In addition, they have a “sticky” mental factor — consumers retain the information they learn from them better than they do just plain words.

Onsite copy

Content marketing and social media strategies can also help develop your site. As you announce new products or information that your followers consider important on social media, you can take cues from the questions and comments you get back to create even newer, more relevant content.

Good content helps supply an existing demand and in turn creates more opportunities for good content. However, content needs to be optimized so that it can be easily linked and shared in order to help you climb up that SEO ladder. That’s where SEO strategy kicks back into place.

In addition, your onsite copy does another thing: it helps you rise in the ranks of local searches. Hyperlocal marketing has become increasingly important in the last few years, especially for SMBs. Content that’s properly integrated into an SEO plan will help capture “near me” searches (whether specific or implied). That will drive consumers who are ready to buy right to your doorstep.


Content marketing, done correctly, also does something else for your brand: it humanizes it and makes it relatable.

There are plenty of examples of brands that have humanized themselves through various ways — the AFLAC duck and the Chaos Guy from Allstate are two great examples. They each took a product that is generally dry and somewhat hard to relate to (insurance) and used humanization in their content to make consumers take notice.

Be Immersive

Immersive content is a great way to build a lot of content on a low budget while gaining the attention of others.  To be fully immersive, you’ll want all of your content strategy to relate to each other.

For example, create a new video around an important, frequently asked question your company receives.  Post that video to your blog with a full transcript organized with headers that help humanize the content and make it easy to scroll through.

Create an infographic that shows the process discussed in your video and share the infographic and video links in guest article posts.  Approach your guest articles like they are an interview on the topic.

Be sure your social media focuses on answering questions.  Focus on long-form posts for social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.  Rotate links through Twitter frequently and in a unique way – utilizing different quotes from each piece of content so you can share the same link multiple times without annoying your close friends and followers.

Last but not least, send an email to your subscribers letting them know about the new content and make yourself available for discussion through forums, Twitter chats, or live chat opportunities.  Take the information you receive from your followers that reach out and build your next campaign to build content around remaining questions.

 To summarize, great optimization begins with:

  • Humanizing the content by making it easy to read
  • Answering questions
  • Focusing on specific keywords
  • Making each piece unique, don’t try to stuff too much information in one topic
  • Being immersive

Boostability writes content that works as part of our SEO services. Done right, content helps your brand develop a personality all its own. Quality content makes it easy for Google to find you and establishes your site as a reliable source of information in your field.

Contact us today for a marketing approach that understands how quality content drives SEO. We can guide you through the process of developing your brand’s unique voice while driving up your search engine rankings.