This article was first published on August 7th, 2018 and was last updated January 2023.

Content marketing is the key to staying relevant and improving on brand differentiation. There are a lot of voices out there competing with your own. As well as a lot of content for users to sift through. 

To help stand out from the competition, we’ve created a list of 11 ways to help differentiate your brand with content marketing. Let’s get started!

11 Tips in Improving Brand Differentiation with Content Marketing

1. Get Client Feedback

A lot of marketers think that surveys are old fashioned or a thing of the past that is no longer relevant. They couldn’t be more wrong. How can you create content that will appeal to your audience if you don’t know what they’re into?

You really don’t know much about your product if you don’t ask for feedback. You’ll find out not only what direction you should go with your content, but you might also get some useful feedback about your products and services.

Some of the most effective content can come from learning about your customer service through customer feedback. Round up the most commonly asked questions, along with some frequent comments, and create content out of them. Utilizing content marketing in this way is a smart brand differentiation strategy that helps present your business as an industry leader.

2. Stand Behind Your Opinions

You can make your brand stand out by holding a strong opinion while the vast majority of your competitors are playing it safe. Show off an actual opinion in your content. Put an emphasis on actual clients and personal experiences. If you can create a real message that gets attention and stands out, it helps differentiate your brand and gain a competitive advantage.

3. Develop a Voice

It’s crucial that your brand and your content have a recognizable voice and tone. When someone comes across your content, they should be able to recognize it as your brand. To develop a strong voice, you’ll want to do some serious and honest soul-searching and determine what your value is to the consumer. Once you’ve got your voice figured out, that should be a major guiding light in the direction you’re wanting to take with your content.

4. Directly Solve a Problem

Always remember, the customer’s attitude is, “What’s in it for me?” Individuals consume your content because they think it will benefit them. Start off by describing a problem your audience is dealing with, and the agitation that accompanies that problem. Then you introduce your product or service as the long term solution to their problem. Showcasing your products and services as the solutions to your customers issues helps directly solve their problems.

5. Make Your Website User-friendly

Ensure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. If people are having difficulty signing up or finding the search option, you are losing clients and profits. 53% of mobile users will leave after 3 seconds. Poor usability will drive people away from your website, so it won’t matter how great your product or content is. 

One important thing to remember is to make sure your website works well on desktop and mobile, as mobile is becoming an increasingly popular way of viewing content. Having an optimized and user-friendly website is crucial to help make your content effective.

6. Create Valuable Content

Of course no good content marketing strategy would be complete without putting some major creative energy into producing compelling content. There are many different kinds of content to choose from, including: infographics, video marketing, podcasts, whitepapers, blog posts, and case studies.

Generally, it is wise to play to your strengths and create content in forms you are familiar and comfortable with, and confident you can create to a high standard and reliably. Video marketing is a great form of content in terms of having people remember your brand. People pay attention to video, but it’s still a good idea to keep it short and to the point especially for social media channels.

7. Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Develop an online persona and use it to create great content and differentiate your brand online. Build up your status and credibility as a thought leader by blogging, making videos, and writing some ebooks. People will consider your business much more credible when you advocate for your product if you’re seen as a thought leader.

Especially with niche audiences, they can have someone who they can follow within their industry. You’ll get the bonus benefits of also increasing your networking abilities and chances of referral partnerships.

8. Take Advantage of New Trends

Stay on top of news about breaking trends, new information, and the kinds of conversations happening online. This is a great way of keeping on top of what is popular with consumers, particularly your target audience, at the moment. Trends can change rapidly, especially online, so it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse at all times. Your brand needs to be able to respond rapidly to trends that change, as well as the buying habits of consumers that would change as well.

9. Position Yourself in a Unique Way

Avoid getting buried under the huge amount of content being created by developing a unique point of view. Doing this is key to communicating a brand’s value and creating brand differentiation. The most important part of positioning is researching the activities of your competitors. Keep their creative decisions in mind such as well as their voice, logo, and aesthetics. 

You could even ask some of these questions:

  • What kind of campaigns do they run?
  • What are the messages and perspectives?
  • What platforms are they most active and successful on?
  • Who are their influencers?

By analyzing these factors you can not only differentiate yourself, your business can choose areas to improve on in the competition’s niche. Make your content a better version of theirs, if you feel that is a realizable and profitable goal.

10. Keep the Page Clean and Organized

Customers are always happier when they find business pages that are clean and organized. Having your content organized in an efficient way helps lead people through the customer journey and produce better results on your website overall. You can start by giving them one high quality piece of content, displayed prominently, that they can focus on. 

You don’t want your customers feeling overloaded. Just put out your best content, and if you want, provide links to more relevant content if the user is interested. It’s all about clear communication and getting your message out. 

11. Utilize Content Tools

A big part of clarity is perfect writing, grammar, and proofreading. There are a variety of content marketing tools your business can utilize to improve your writing. A few examples of content tools are:

These tools can help your business create effective and optimized content that can help brand differentiation

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Ansley is the former Content Marketing Manager at Boostability. Since graduating from Utah State University with two degrees in Communication Studies and Journalism: Public Relations, Ansley specializes in creating engaging and informative SEO content for readers, customers, and partners through different marketing channels. Along with creating new content, Ansley works to keep content organized and creates and executes new content strategies. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel, visit National Parks, and loves all things Disney.