Hoofbeats for Healing is a Utah-based nonprofit specializing in therapeutic horseback riding. In November of 2019, Boostability donated funds and volunteer hours as part of the BoostCares program to this unique charity opportunity.


What is Hoofbeats to Healing?

The Hoofbeats to Healing method uses neurological research that shows repetitious movement like horseback riding can help the brain develop. For those who have experienced trauma or suffer from mental illness, this mapping can often be problematic. Hoofbeats to Healing allows visitors to ride horses to work through these issues. Therapeutic riding has shown improvements where other, more traditional therapies have not.

Boost employees in a team photo at Hoofbeats for Healing

The Boost Method: Be Excellent to Everyone

At Boostability, one of our core mottos is, “Be Excellent to Everyone.” Our employees incorporate this worldview into everything they do. Here are some of them putting that to practice at Hoofbeats to Healing!

Boost employees in a team photo at Hoofbeats for Healing

Boostability donated $500 to help the organization continue their important work. They also donated 100 hours of volunteer time thanks to the 30 employees and their guests that participated.


What is BoostCares?

Boostability believes in helping small businesses get found online. But we don’t stop there! Boostability still takes the time to help the communities we work to serve. Check out our clean up project from this past spring, and our volunteers at the Heber Half Marathon in the summer. Boost takes its commitment to being excellent to everyone very seriously. We’re helping small businesses and charities around the world, one keyword and service project at a time.

Interested in volunteering at Hoofbeats to Healing yourself? Check out their volunteer page here.


Madeline is a former content specialist for Boostability.