Oh, hey Boosters! Welcome to the very first edition of Andrew’s Corner.

Ahhhh. Welcome to the very first edition of The SEO Update… White Board Friday… The Bearded Lady… The Boostability Update… The Booster Update…

Hey there Boostability!

I almost had it that time.

The show that… ok. Honestly, we don’t know what to name this series that we’re doing.So, we thought of a great idea to enlist your help. Please, submit your ideas of what you think this video series should be called. We are going to be giving video updates on SEO strategies. We’re going to answer a few questions so please, submit your ideas and hopefully we’ll get a good one in that batch.

Well, without further ado, I know that you are really excited. Let’s go ahead and get started with our project here. Come take a walk with me!

Hey! You made it. Thanks for coming.

Alright, so when we talk about SEO and especially from an agency’s perspective, it can be really complicating. I tried to identify the four main aspects, from an SEO perspective, that can really help us. But, not only that, I tried to account for the main thing we, as a company, look for and that’s customer satisfaction. Clearly, from our last company meeting, we identified that customer satisfaction really is our number one priority; customer satisfaction is my number one priority.

Let’s dive into this a little bit. We’re going to talk about analysis – what Boostability is doing and what we plan to do in the future.

Onsite – what is the current status quo of what we are doing for our onsite perspective and what are our next steps; what more can we be offering from that aspect.

Offsite – what are we doing about all these different updates that are coming. From a reporting perspective – how can we provide our customers and our partners more reporting to help satisfy them. Let’s take a deeper dive into this.

Now from an analysis perspective, I’ve broken this up into three main parts: Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, and Post-Setup. Now our Pre-Sales we are wanting to identify, and I think a lot of you can agree, that a website won’t simply perform because of the way that they are set. We are talking about Flash websites or template websites or different. We are wanting to be able to identify those before they are sold, so that we can help lead to customer satisfaction. A Post-Sales setup, now this is really exciting because we are dealing with Account Managers who are able to actually analyze a customer’s website. Finally, on a Post-Setup we are wanting to constantly analyze a customers website. Hopefully here in the near future we will be able to do that.

From an onsite perspective, we all know that that’s the new craze to have more onsite. We have our on page – this is basic onsite edit. This is fantastic. We are already doing a pretty good job here with our copy and basic edits. We are wanting to take that aspect and bring it to the entire website. That’s what SEO is. We’re not only focusing on the pages that we are writing for and targeting, we are wanting to target the entire website. One way we can do this, and I’ll be honest, the most exciting way we are doing this is onsite blogging. I’m going to come out and say it, onsite blogging is, in my opinion, a huge part of the future of SEO. So, I look forward to this aspect.

Now, offsite! Let’s be honest. Let’s lay everything out on the table here. Offsite is the number one most attacked portion of SEO in the industry. Now, that’s what the industry is saying. That is what everybody is saying. I want you to know that Boostability, being the large SEO company that they are, we have tons of customer data. We have actual data that can prove that offsite works, and to quote Moz, Moz says that offsite or link building rather, is the backbone to the Google Search Engine. This isn’t going away anytime soon, but it is changing. We are going to be looking at different aspects using our current link building strategy, doing link analysis for our customers, and adding some social in there. We are going to start upgrading some of our link building to adapt to the changes of Google. Not only to adapt what’s already happened, but to start staying ahead of it. That is an important aspect and that’s what we are wanting to look for.

Now finally, let’s talk about reporting. Let’s talk about the importance of internal reporting. When I’m talking about internal reporting, I’m talking about reporting for you and Account Managers, but I am also talking about reporting for the SEO industry as a whole. As I mentioned before, Boostability has a large set of customers and we have tons of data. We have a lot to offer the SEO industry and we have a lot of data to offer our Account Managers. I’m looking forward to this (Internal Reporting) a lot because by showing how customers are performing.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. There is a lot to come in this part. Visibility, this is something that set Boostability apart for a long time. The visibility, the transparency that we provide our customers coupled with increased metrics, this can be a very powerful tool for Boostability. We are going to increase the metrics that we track from a customers perspective and a reporting perspective.

Alright, well that’s it! Now, I’m really excited to be a part of this role. I’m really excited to be a part of the Boostability team. I want you to know that there is a lot more to come and I hope that this series keeps on going. I hope that you like it and that we can keep on providing this service. Now, I’m going to go in more detail in the future so look forward in our next videos.

Oh, as a reminder, please send in your recommendations for what this video would be called. I’d be happy to hear it

Alright. Stay Cool!

Stay cool was really dumb. That was the dumbest thing I could have said.



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