Getting your website to Google’s first page takes persistence and an understanding of how search engine result pages, or SERPs, work. The higher your ranking, the better your visibility. This can lead to increased clicks as more people visit your page.

Effective search engine optimization can be vital for your page’s growth, especially if you own and manage a startup company. However, landing Google Snippets may be just as useful when it comes to getting eyes on your site. Before you dive in and start using this feature, learning a bit more about how it operates and how to use it may give you the confidence you need when it comes to creating a new digital marketing strategy.

What Is a Featured Snippet?

When Google users type in a query, the search engine tells them how many sites it found. Then it lists the highest-ranking pages first. Above those listings is a featured snippet that may be a photo, a numbered or bulleted list, or a block of text highly relevant to the query. A link to the featured website is also included. Google users are likely to click these snippets before moving on to other links for a variety of reasons:

  • Superior ranking
  • Summarized and concise information
  • Features the best answer possible to a user query

Google Snippets often pull focus from other links, making them a valuable marketing tool. These can be especially useful if you have only recently launched your website and are looking for marketing solutions that tie in with providing your customers useful information and answers, not pure sales.

How Does Google Create Snippets?

Because Google is concerned with customer satisfaction and providing the best answers to user queries, the search engine pulls snippets from pages that contain highly relevant information or that can answer direct questions. For example, if you want to set an alarm on your new phone and Googled “How do I set an alarm on a Galaxy 8,” the resulting featured snippet might include a how-to photo or numbered step-by-step instructions.

By now, you might be realizing the potential value of being featured in a Google Snippet. The search engine pulls them from pages that contain the most relevant information for responding to a query. So, it is important that you mold your page’s content in a way that lands you at Position Zero, or above the highest-ranking sites on a SERP.

Who Can Utilize a Google Snippet?

While one study showed that over 80% of people who use a search engine tend to choose familiar brands when presented with results, featured snippets may inspire them to view the website they include. Shoppers new to the niche may be especially adventurous. This can mean increased hits and conversions when people visit your site. Google chooses which sites are highlighted in these snippets. The good news is that anyone can create content in a way that provides the best possible answer to a search engine query. And unlike ads or other types of marketing strategies, it does not include a financial risk.

If you want to shoot for that coveted spot at the top of Google’s first search results page, you can improve your chances in several ways. One effective strategy is to review your site’s content and ask yourself how it helps your visitors. Does it answer their questions? Is much of your content sales oriented? Is any information you offer detailed enough to be featured in a Google Snippet? Answering these questions honestly can help you modify your page in a way that responds to search engine users’ specific questions.

What Is the First Step To Creating a Snippet?

If you want to create content specifically for Google Snippets, consider which questions you can answer in a way that provides users with the most in-depth information possible, yet still remains relevant to your site. For example, if you recently launched a startup that sells green cleaning products, invest your time in a blog post that includes cleaning tips for different fabrics and materials. Craft the title and information in a way that answers a direct query. For example, “How do I get ink out of a silk dress?” The more specific you can be about the information you offer, the better the chance you have of getting featured.

As you attempt to create these snippets, it is important to remember different types of questions. How, why and what are common queries that search engine users employ. Try to use each within the content in your blogs or on your landing page.

How Long Does It Take To Be Featured?

Google doesn’t provide any shortcuts if you want your business featured in the snippets. However, working smart instead of hard when it comes to your website’s content can increase your chances of being featured sooner. Perform research in your business niche to discover the kinds of questions clients might be asking. Then provide them with updated information that gives them the simplest solution or answer. Use numbered and bulleted lists to keep answers organized and uncomplicated.

If you find that one strategy is not working, do not be afraid to change it up. Create lists, short and informative blog posts, and infographics that illustrate answers to user queries. Give your ideas time to work and be available to individual readers who may have further questions.

Google Snippets can be an effective tool for increasing web traffic to your site and for establishing yourself as a reliable and trusted source of information within your business niche. Contact Boostability for assistance with SEO and other marketing solutions that may pair with your Snippet strategies.