A Guide to Boostability’s New and Improved Reporting Dashboard

Boostability Analytics Page 1

A Guide to Boostability’s New and Improved Reporting Dashboard

NOTE. This blog post goes over a few of the highlights of the new reporting dashboard. For a more in-depth tour, we recommend watching the video below or looking through the Boostability New Dashboard User Guide.

We’re excited to introduce our new and improved reporting dashboard! It will go live on Tuesday, January 9th. Until then you’ll be able to access the legacy dashboard the same way you always have.

This new dashboard has been many months in the making and we couldn’t have completed it without support and feedback from our amazing clients. Their insights into the parts of our legacy dashboard that worked best (along with areas for improvement) were invaluable to creating what you’re about to see. The updated design and new data will give you a clearer, deeper look into your campaign’s performance and help your SEO!

Here’s what’s new:


We’ve built a new home screen that gives you an at-glance-view of the most important aspects of your campaign to help you understand quickly and succinctly how well you’re doing overall.

new boostability home screen

Many of the metrics you see here are new, including:

  • Your top-ranking keyword
  • The number of keywords in your campaign that have appeared on the first page of Google
  • The average ranking for all keywords in your campaign
  • Your overall online presence
  • The number of visits to your entire website over the last 12 months
  • The total number of work items completed since the beginning of your campaign


The “keywords” section of the new dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your keywords’ performance, helping you track how well you’re getting found online.

Boostability Keywords Page

This refreshed chart will give you lots of new insight into the progress of each individual keyword in your campaign, with data on:

  • The keyword type
  • The date we began optimization work on the keyword
  • The keyword ranking/page when we began optimization work
  • The keyword’s current ranking/page
  • A screen capture of your first page ranking
  • A summary of the keyword ranking history



The new Work History section gives you tons of detail about the work we’ve done, when it was performed, and how it benefits your business.

Boostability Work History

There’s a lot of new information available on this page, but at a high level it outlines:

  • An all-time breakdown of work completed, organized by category.
  • A detailed list of work tickets we’ve completed for your campaign, including the date of completion and the work item completed. For content we write (blogs, article engagement blurbs, etc.) you will see either a link displaying the content on the site where it was posted and/or a copy of the completed content piece.



The Analytics section will give you an in-depth look at how much traffic your website is drawing and where it’s coming from. It’s an invaluable tool if you’re interested in using your website to capture new leads and clients.

Boostability Analytics Page 1

Boostability Analytics Page 2

There’s a lot of rich information here, but more or less it shows you:

  • The number of organic visits to your website
  • Cities with the most organic visitors to your site
  • Sources that drove the most organic visits to your website
  • Pages on your website that received the greatest number of visitors from organic traffic


One of our favorite updates is the new “Local Listings” section of the dashboard which is available to clients who optimize their local profile. The data under “Local Listings” provides deep insights into your local visibility online.

When you click into the “Local Listings” tab, you’ll see a map, a list of icons, and a handful of graphs that track online visibility and searcher view data. It will look something like this:

Boostability Local Dashboard

Here’s what each of these sections outlines:

  • Map is a snapshot of your online map data. If consumers map your business, this is what they’ll find.
  • Listings (icons) are a list of all the online business listings where your company is published.
  • Device usage shows you which devices searchers are viewing your listings from.
  • Google customer actions show how many searchers got directions to your business, clicked to make phone call, or clicked into your site from your Google Profile page.
  • Google Phone calls by hour lets you see the times of day that searchers clicked to call your business in Google Profiles.

These are only a few of the exciting new updates in the dashboard that will deliver deeper insights to help improve your campaign and your online presence.

To get a more in-depth look at the updated interface please consult our Boostability New Dashboard User Guide or watch the video at the top of this post.


Cameron Pipkin
[email protected]