With the widespread accessibility of the internet, digital marketing has become more important than ever. Companies, especially small businesses, want a marketing partner that can help them take advantage of this online resource. That means providing search engine optimization services.

Understandably, not every agency is comfortable selling SEO. After all, online content creation is a very different beast from web design or PPC management. It’s a vast field that’s always in flux, which can be intimidating to jump into. However, taking the leap is essential to your and your clients’ success. Search engine optimization plays a major role in companies’ visibility, which means you’re doing clients a disservice if you don’t offer it.

Still not convinced you should add SEO to your lineup? Here are six reasons why you should offer SEO as a digital marketing partner.


1. SEO Is Big Business

From mom-and-pop shops to international industry leaders, all businesses can benefit from SEO. It’s no secret that today’s consumers web-search products and businesses. In fact, many consumers have their first interaction with a company in the online space. Competition to get on the first page is steep, and for good reason: 33% of Google searchers choose the first link listed. If you’re not at the top of the search results, you may end up fighting for scraps.

SEO leads also result in sales more often than outbound leads. This means that when investing in SEO, businesses can potentially increase profit with less effort. Since businesses usually put money toward what works, that means fewer resources for other types of marketing. As a result, if you’re offering those particular services, such as email marketing, you may have fewer project opportunities.

However, if you do offer SEO product, you have a unique opportunity to turn a great profit. Due to their intensive nature, SEO services aren’t cheap. You can add significant revenue by offering them, especially if you deliver high-quality content. Even better, many companies choose to partner with providers for the long term, as webpages need constant updating. This means a stable, long-term income for your company.


2. The Online Sphere Is Growing

Internet searching is about more than online sales. 87% of consumers use the internet to research items they then buy in-store. With so many people turning to online sources, businesses have a golden opportunity to influence that search.

SEO can boost visibility at every point in consumers’ purchasing journey, which can lead to higher close rates. A solid SEO strategy can target consumers in the awareness stage with helpful blogs and build brand familiarity. This sets companies up for success during the decision stage, as 71% of buyers prefer to make purchases from a familiar company.

Of course, businesses want the chance to get in with potential customers. In fact, if you don’t offer SEO product, you’re doing your clients a disservice. They simply won’t be able to compete with industry peers that have the advantage of a SEO partner.

You may also be missing out on growth opportunities as a digital marketing agency. Social media is a key part of SEO and appears to become more so with each passing year. Brands use multiple platforms to interact directly with customers, building trust and adding to their base. Offering specific social media marketing services not only presents another form of revenue but positions you as tech-savvy and forward-thinking. As online communication evolves, you’ll likely see even more chances for growth and profit.


3. Clients Want One Source

Most clients prefer to have one partner to manage all aspects of digital marketing. The benefits of such an arrangement are many:

  • Convenience of one point of contact for multiple projects
  • Consistent rates and expectations
  • Cohesive brand voice across projects

On your end, offering the full package can bring in clients who would’ve otherwise passed on your services. SEO not only provides additional revenue but gives you an in with more companies. For example, a business may hire you to revamp its webpages. If it’s impressed with the results, it may consider you for an email marketing campaign further down the line. Eventually, you could end up handling the company’s entire digital marketing portfolio.

You may also find it easier to deliver content that meets clients’ needs. Getting the right tone and effect is difficult the first time around but becomes easier with each project. Once you’re familiar with a company’s goals and communication style, you can produce high-quality content with less struggle. This in turn can free up resources for other projects, meaning more revenue for the same amount of effort.


4. It’s a Good Way To Build Client Trust

Most companies seeking a digital marketing partner understand that it’s a long-term relationship. Even if they’re not looking for SEO products right now, they may consider them a future option. If search engine optimization is part of the plan, it doesn’t make sense to invest in an agency that can’t fulfill all their needs.

Offering SEO assures clients that you can help them meet present and future goals. In fact, strong SEO services can show an ability to excel with the changing marketing landscape. Much of SEO centers on updating content to keep pace with search engine algorithms, which requires constant research. If you can provide this expertise, clients know you’re committed to understanding the latest online marketing developments.

Offering services as an SEO partner can also give you the opportunity to show your company’s full capabilities. Effective SEO can make a significant difference in online traffic that’s easy to measure. A test run on revamped webpages may give businesses the confidence to invest more in your services.


5. You Can Offer Clients an Affordable Alternative

SEO services can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean your clients have to break the bank. As a provider of multiple marketing products, you can offer affordable options via subscription packages. Instead of charging a large one-time fee, you can set a more manageable yearly, quarterly or monthly amount. Packages also allow your clients to take advantage of your variety of expertise without paying for services they won’t use.

This model doesn’t just save clients money. It can bring in companies that otherwise couldn’t afford SEO products. Smaller businesses can greatly benefit from local SEO but may not have the budget to invest in several marketing techniques. As a full-service agency, you’re in a unique position to offer competitive rates that fulfill all your clients’ needs. This means you can get business other digital marketing agencies miss out on. And as those smaller companies grow and set loftier goals, you’ll have the chance to take on their larger projects.


6. Clients Will Get Their SEO One Way or Another

Search engine optimization is too important for businesses to do without. If you don’t offer SEO, there are hundreds of other agencies that do, and you may lose business to them. Even if you offer other digital marketing products, clients may eventually leave for more complete services.

Offering SEO keeps you competitive. Just like you update your computer software and stay current on marketing research, you should offer the right marketing strategies. That’s not to say that adding these products is easy or cheap, but it’s an investment in your company’s future. If you’re not able to build a dedicated team, there are other options. White label SEO services let you partner with experts while keeping the product under your brand name. You facilitate content creation by forwarding information to an SEO writing agency, then sending the finished product to clients. This creates a win-win situation where the client gets high-quality services and you don’t have to expend too many resources.

Boostability is the global leader in white label SEO services. Our mission is to provide our partners with a sustainable and quality service that helps their business grow as well as their clients. Interested in learning more about our SEO Partner Program? Get connected with a Partner Success team member today to see if it’s a right fit for your business!


Kelsi has been with Boostability since 2015, working as an account manager on both the Websites and SEO team before moving into partner management. She is passionate about helping small businesses and finding creative ways to problem-solve. An avid roadtripper, Kelsi grew in Charleston, South Carolina and attended Utah Valley University where she studied Marketing and Public Relations.