At Boostability, we like to be straightforward.  So, here are some straightforward statistics for you. Did you know?!? Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches each day. More than 70% of users click on results from the first page. This means that if your website is on page seven or page ten, no one can find you. And in today’s world, if you aren’t found online, you are leaving money on the table and are losing out to your competitors.

A solid search engine optimization (SEO) campaign can boost your rankings and increase traffic to your website. Most SEO strategies can seem simple but require consistent, long-term effort and a deep understanding of a fast-paced, quick-evolving industry. Many large companies have entire teams devoted to SEO, and smart small-business owners have contracted with SEO firms to develop their SEO strategies.

Utilizing a company like Boostability is an efficient way of implementing a search strategy.  Rather than hiring someone full time to keep up with the search industry and implement important search tactics across your entire website, you can work with Boostability and watch your website rise in the ranks.  Similar to hiring an SEO professional or outsourcing to a marketing agency, we charge on an hourly basis.  You only pay for work that is actually being done on your accounts day in and day out.  Not only that, but you’ll have an entire team of SEO professionals working to optimize your website, write articles, list your business online, and more!

Boostability is built on a software that enables strategists to implement SEO tactics quickly and efficiently and adapt to Google’s ever-changing search ranking algorithm. The flexibility and scalability of our strategies have been the key to Boostability’s rapid growth and has led to partnerships with some of the largest marketing and ad agencies across three continents.

We’ve created hundreds of thousands of business profiles and written more than one million blogs and articles for our clients. With more than five million hours logged on behalf of our clients, our experience speaks for itself. We’ve helped thousands of small businesses rank and are expert in local and national SEO markets.

The first step to any search campaign is to make sure important search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, know about your website.  To get started, submit your site to search now.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help!  Just leave us a comment, chat us on our website here, or Tweet us at @AskBoost.