The Boostability marketing team attended the 2019 Utah Digital Marketing Collective (DMC) Conference at the end of August. They got the lowdown on new innovations in the industry and ways to revolutionize the way their position functions on our team. Here’s a quick recap of each team member’s favorite part.

Tommy Le, Project Manager

Michael Janda’s Maximizing Micro=Moments was one of my favorite talks. Though it’s not surprising to me when Michael said that most people check their phones anywhere from 80-300 times per day, as marketers, we should be aware of how much time our users have to consume our content depending on the hour of the day or medium in which we publish the content. It could be a quick glance at an Instagram photo while waiting in line at the bank or a longer article read while waiting at a doctor’s office. Overall, we should be more deliberate with the length of the content that we publish. He emphasized that great content should start as long-form which gets broken-down into more “snackable” chunks of easily digestible content.

Michael Marsh, SEO Manager

The annual Utah DMC conference was packed with a plethora of great presenters, but the one that stood out to me the most was Marcus Sheridan. He gave us examples of how we can better use video in our business model and the importance of the videographer position. Marcus also gave us insights on how using videos in our email signatures to help break the ice for our sales team.

Kenna Flanders, Graphic Designer

Cory Henke’s talk about Instagram Stories (“The Most Valuable Impression on the Web”) posited an exciting question to creative teams all over tech: how do we optimize Instagram stories – and the content we create – to make for an engaging experience within 10 seconds or less? After being fully convinced by Mr. Henke that Instagram Stories are the next creative advertising frontier, I’ve been brainstorming all the ways I can get users engaged with our content through quizzes, polls, live videos, user-submitted videos, and more!

Cabe Higgenbotham, Salesforce and Pardot Admin

Neil Patel and many others constantly talked about evergreen content and the content that always gets you visitors even after many years. Learning that we should be updating meta information or actual article information is so important. One of our goals is to now identify that and curate it even more so that it will always be of value to our readers.

Sara Beth Preston, Partner Marketing Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed Dan Gingiss’ talk about how a remarkable customer experience can become one of our greatest marketing opportunities. People will talk about your brand online, whether you have a presence there or not, so why not engage with people and find unique ways to connect with them? This is a great way to solve problems and find a way to turn a “meh”  experience into a memorable moment that will have them talking more positively about your brand.

Curtis Warren, Leads Acquisition Manager

This year’s DMC conference was crammed with fantastic presenters and sponsors. However, the presenter that stood out most to me this year was Neil Patel. I really enjoyed Neil’s personal testing style and predictions for the future of digital. Hi remarks gave great insight to help me as a marketer to prepare for up and coming strategies.

Niki Hansen, Marketing Acquisition Specialist

One of the most insightful sessions I attended at DMC was Michelle Morgan’s presentation on PPC lead generation strategies for quantity, quality, and revenue. She touched on the topic of terrible CTAs and how we shouldn’t always jump to the most expensive CTAs like demos. Instead we should provide value through whitepapers, industry reports, webinars, etc. because consumers are 131% more likely to convert after reading educational content. I am looking forward to working with the content team to provide our consumers with more education and see the difference in our lead generation efforts.

Krystin Pipkin, Social Media Coordinator

I was able to go to several sessions throughout the day, but one of my favorite sessions was Dennis Yu’s “Facebook—Cracking the Code.” He stressed the importance of your content feeling authentic. I loved when he said, “Our best 9 pieces of content are your greatest hits.” Also, a one-minute Facebook video, if done right, is extremely impactful. Lastly, mentorship is critical. Finding a good mentor to guide you in your digital marketing journey will help you succeed.

Madeline Thatcher, Content Specialist

One of my favorite parts of the conference came from Michael Janda’s presentation on maximizing micro moments. He broke down content curation into different timed categories, all while showing how the same narrative could be used differently depending on the number of minutes or seconds an audience has to devote to that piece of content. It’s a way to be “green” with your content, and I’m excited to try it out with new articles and social posts moving forward.


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Madeline is a former content specialist for Boostability.