The weather’s turning, the leaves are changing, and all your local stores are decorating with fake spider webs and pumpkins. Halloween has an ever-increasing cult following, and with that following comes increased money, time, and attention spent during the Halloween season. This means effective Halloween marketing can be hugely beneficial for small businesses.

In the United States, consumers spent $8.4 billion dollars during Halloween in 2016. People decorate more elaborately ($3.1 billion spent on decorations alone), create scarier haunted houses, and attend more costume parties. The internet is a treasure trove of costume ideas (33% of people get ideas from Facebook or Pinterest), leading people to spend $3.1 billion on costumes.

And then there’s the candy. Thanksgiving and Christmas generally take all of the attention and the brunt of the blame for ruined diets and weight gain, but Halloween kicks off the diet-justification holiday season with $2.5 billion worth of teeth-rotting sweets.

Opportunities and Challenges

Yes, Halloween brings huge opportunities for advertisers, marketers, and small business owners. But it also brings its own challenges. With so many people decorating, how do you stand out? How do you get potential customers’ attentions online and in-person? Succeeding with your Halloween marketing requires planning ahead, thinking outside the box, and understanding your consumers’ behaviors.

Check out the infographic below from Strike Social for more stats on consumer behavior around Halloween:


the opportunities of halloween marketing infographic