With an influx of new strategies coming up in the realm of SEO, it is essential for marketers to keep up. The top SEO strategies that worked before do not work any more, despite the basics being the same. If you are keen on exploring digital marketing knowledge, you need to get your site up, running, and aligned with the newest ideas on the block.

Check out the 6 most important SEO strategies that you should implement in 2017:

1. Mobile is the future

Nowadays every marketer understands that smart mobility is the way to go. One should implement SEO trends that connect with the gigantic population who are using mobile devices for accessing the web. It is important to have responsive websites that are mobile friendly and making headway into the chunk of your intended audience. Additionally, opt for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) that allow webmasters to create different pages that load quickly on mobile devices. Even Google prefers AMPs nowadays.

2. Focus on User Experience

User experience is critical to SEO, since Google favors sites that are aligned with mobile devices that load quickly, and also work on the user experience, thereby facilitating increasing the time spent on your web pages. Look out for ways that Google favors web pages offering spectacular overall user experiences.

3. Link Building with Keywords

Buying hundreds of links for connecting to your page no longer works, and you will be busted if you do that now. It is essential to create buyer personas for targeting, create content, and even generate better links with proper anchor text optimization. This strategy, although slow, gives results, as it is genuine enough to boost your site.

Help your users with genuine guidance through content. And let simple and self-explanatory links be the order of the day.

4. Strong Presence of Social Media

People love to talk about themselves on social media, and marketers can leverage this fact to target their prospects. Keep generating valuable content that will interest your intended audience, and push the reach beyond your immediate boundaries. Enable users to share, comment, and even contribute to your business interest, thus ensuring more interest from the crowd.

5. Secure your site with HTTPS

It is important for every good online business to rely on HTTPS tags so that the privacy of personal information is intact.

Changing your site to https will help in securing the web connection with the user, and also their details. For example, online cash transactions are safe only through https. HTTPS also gets Google to promote the site higher up in rankings.

6. In-depth High Quality Content

Make sure the content you post is fresh, on trend, and relevant to current events. By promoting in-depth quality content on the site, you can be rest assured that quality will trump quantity every time. Also, consistency is the key. Keep regularly posting content that will help others. Be smart and write good stuff only.