Here at Boostability, we pride ourselves on our many quality partnerships which allow us to service the 26,000+ active clients we have worldwide. For us, the size of an agency isn’t important. What kind of partners are we looking for? Organizations that service small and local businesses and are looking to provide online marketing services to their clients.

From our experience, we have seen how many new or potential partners are apprehensive about how they might go about selling our services to their clients, and how they can retain those clients in the long-run.

Maybe you find yourself in that a-bit-apprehensive category. Maybe you are just seeking to improve your sales tactics and client relations. Either way, we are here to help. Let’s look at how you can bring up SEO, social media and website services to your clients.


First, some basic points to emphasize.

We trust that you have made sales before. But, there are some unique aspects about what we do here at Boostability that will need to be communicated to your client.

1. This will be an ongoing process

Training salespeople to communicate the complexity and lasting impact of SEO and social media is difficult, since customers usually expect immediate returns.

But, difficult does not mean impossible.

Be upfront about the timeframe of our services. Cleaning up a client’s website can be a shorter process. However, SEO and social media require time and ongoing oversight.

Without consistent oversight, you might miss changes in Google algorithms, new digital marketing tactics, or when your own campaign is underperforming. In the digital world, being listed on the first page of a SERP doesn’t guarantee you’ll still be there a month later. There is no one-time fix.

The results will also not be immediate. The average time to an initial substantial positive result was four months. In all cases, one or more metrics shifted in the first six months. Your clients can expect the same.

Clients may be initially put off by the slow breach at the beginning of their campaigns.  The key is to communicate what their results will eventually be. The more you know their specific needs and goals before speaking with them, the easier you will be able to paint the picture for them.

2. Affordability

While many SMBs start out hoping they can handle their digital marketing on their own, it’s often not until after they have wasted time and money on training and poor results that they realize they need to invest in specialists.

Boostability offers quality work at prices your small businesses can afford. Our average client spend is $1,100 per month. In the industry as a whole, almost 60 percent of companies spend more than $2,500 on SEO per month.

Help your clients understand that investment pays off.

Advertising accounts for as much as $146.6 billion in spending a year. Much of that initial spending is lost because, except for the advertisements, the business paying for those advertisements has no web or social presence where ongoing engagement can be built. Even when an ad works, the site to which it directs the consumer must be engaging or they will see no ROI.

We find it is also important to explain the differences to clients between Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, which involves paying for search result listings, and SEO services. SEM can deliver traffic immediately because it is paid. But SEM is simply too expensive for small businesses to continue doing long-term, and it stops working as soon as the spending stops. SEO, on the other hand, builds organic traffic to the site based on its content and the number of links pointing to the site content.

In the end, focusing on SEO and social and web presence is the smarter financial choice for SMBs.

3. Access to Launchpad

Boostability has developed its own specialized technology we call Launchpad. Launchpad allows clients to keep track of what we are doing for them every step of the way.

Emphasizing transparency lets customers know they won’t have to sit back and wonder where their money is going, as well as shows them they will be a part of the process.


Search Engine Optimization

Many of your clients may not understand the basics of SEO. While we can go into an in-depth explanation of how we will create their SEO strategy, you should help them understand why they need that strategy.

Because in order to stand out online they do, in fact, need SEO. For 61% of marketers, improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

Why is SEO such a priority?

If your client has a practical and decently-priced product or service, someone is going to be looking for it online. Users perform 40,000 searches on Google every second! Before making a big purchase, 81% of shoppers research online. And 84% of Google users skip over the sponsored listing (SEM) and go straight to the organic results. Ranking organically will give your customers the greatest chance of finding you!

We’ll use our technology to build the client’s brand, add credibility to their business, enhance their other marketing efforts, and ultimately bring new leads and sales.


Social Media

What does your client need to understand about social media marketing?

Their social media presence goes hand-in-hand with SEO.

There are a variety of social media factors that impact your client’s organic traffic and ROI.

A few of these include:

  • amount of social shares
  • number of tweets to your domain
  • number of blog comments
  • amount of people following your brand/social pages
  • number of verified and active social media accounts
  • authorities of users tweeting links to page

Essentially, our job is to set up and optimize your client’s social accounts, consistently post popular content, and boost their social presence with Facebook ads.



If your client hires us to optimize their website, we will look at your client’s website, market and competition and come up with the best strategy possible for the money they are investing in their campaign. This will include onsite optimization, which basically means letting search engines know what a company does so they can recommend that page to the people who are interested. The account manager will point out necessary changes to your website. Clients who implement these changes will see results up to 30% faster than those who don’t.

Boostability also takes care of directory submission, social bookmarking (users create and store bookmarks of sites they like) and business profiles. This includes correcting mistakes in places your business is listed online, adding listings, and ensuring things are accurate and consistent.

Site mistakes can lower a company’s chance of being found online. And while these potential mistakes may seem like common sense, they are actually an extremely common among businesses. For example, 75% of businesses have mistakes in their display name, and another 75% have mistakes in their opening hours.

We have the technology to find these mistakes and to help a client’s website be consistently credible.


Still feeling unsure?

Your sales team may need someone to help with all the technical explanations. Don’t fret; Boostability has a whole Sales Support team to help you along the way.

That means, when your sales reps have someone on the phone or in person who is interested, all you have to do is conference us in and our team will help talk to your client about what’s the right program and package for them, answer all their questions, and can even help pose a deal.

We’ll treat your clients like they are our own, which results in a trusted partnership and trusting clients. Ready to learn how our program works and why we’re the leading white label SEO agency world-wide? Get in touch with a Partner Success Team member and check out how our white label SEO program works!



Kristine is the Director of Content with Boostability. She brings a decade's worth of communications strategy work to the company. Kristine has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Communications from Gonzaga University and graduated from BYU with her undergrad in Broadcast Journalism. She's worked in television news, public relations, communications strategy, and marketing for over 10 years. In addition to being a part of the marketing team, Kristine enjoys traveling, sports, and all things nerdy.