Today’s market has become flooded with brands, companies, and businesses who are trying to make their way to the top of the social media news feeds. Everyone who is selling, producing, or providing any type of service wants their piece of the proverbial cake. Obviously not everyone succeeds.

Some companies have spent thousands of dollars on social media promotions only to fail miserably due to misinformation and quick judgment. So, how can you produce juicy Facebook content that catches eyeballs and gets your name on everyone’s radar?

Short content

You may have heard the term “skimming” before. It implies that the reader has spent less than 10 seconds of their time looking at your post before moving on to different things. People on the internet are short on patience and very quick to judge what they like or dislike. In order to use this to your advantage, you need to adapt your content to skimming.

Use as few words as possible and focus directly on what you are trying to sell or accomplish. Giving your readers a call to action in the first five seconds of their engagement might seem a bit aggressive. Often though, it’s the only way they will give you another look. Use short content to lead them to your main website or topic of advertisement. It’s better to lure them with a taste of what’s to come than to unload everything you have at once. By using a smart pull strategy, you will increase your engagements and even gain positive word of mouth for being unobtrusive and direct with what you have to say.

Multimedia content

It’s no secret that many more people use smartphones than they did just a few years ago. That means that people are far less open to reading long-form content just to find a tidbit of news. That’s why you should use multimedia content to stimulate their conversion and offer something new to the market. By using video, audio, and animated content that focuses on your brand and services in a creative way, you will convert far more people into users and followers.

Depending on what type of content you want to promote next, you can ask a designer or an animator to come up with an interesting way to implement your brand and vision into interactive and engaging content that caters to a larger demographic. Some people might even have reading problems. This could be a perfect gateway to and way of doing business with your brand for them.

Stimulate engagement

The simple truth is that people like being given things and appreciated for their time. Just try animating a small smiley face that says “Thank you for being with us” and sharing it on Facebook. The results might astound you. This is because people are used to cold and corporate business strategies and content on Facebook. The warmth of a human touch is all but lost in today’s social media advertisement.

You can kindle that flame by attracting users to your content with small contests or giveaways. Sharing competitions, art submissions, and any other form of interactive content work well too. The purpose of this content is to connect with your followers on a more personal level, thereby gaining their trust. You can gain very valuable data about who your followers are and what they are attracted by. Use this opportunity to do market research. Plan your future ad campaigns around stimulated content you just created.

Optimize your content

The worst mistake you can make is creating a piece of content and calling it a day. Your content will have to evolve constantly in order to stay relevant with your target audience. That means constant edits, rewrites, and additions. Make no mistake, you will always know how and when to modify your content in order to make it more attractive to a larger audience. Your readers will always give you input for further content, provided you give them a chance via comment sections and private feedback.

Make sure to always listen to what they have to say and use this to your advantage. Exploring some professional writing secrets online is also a good way to optimize your content. Make sure that you are always one step ahead and ready to optimize the content based on what the audience wants to see. Being determined is admirable, but being stubborn is a good way to sink your brand and have no way of recovering.

Use a roadmap

Creating a roadmap is a great way to clear your schedule and focus on creating quality content. Try developing a plan based on the type of content and time of the week that you want to publish on. In order to develop quality content that attracts viewers, you need to form habits in them. Let them know exactly when and where they can expect to see their content. In essence, you are programming them to follow your pages. This will give you some much needed free space for thinking and creativity, allowing you to focus on what’s important – creating content.

Link to social media

By developing Facebook content, you will place your brand and name on the social media map. This means that, whether or not you want it, your content will be published on different social media and spread around. Why not use this opportunity and optimize the content for all forms of social media? You essentially want to create a multi-social media content that can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Even though your viewers will share the content for you (if it’s relevant and useful enough), it’s a good idea to make their work easier and streamline the process by optimizing the content. You can do this by using short-form content with simple and memorable hashtags.

Never stop experimenting

The secret to creating quality juicy social media content (not just on Facebook) is to experiment and be creative about it. By developing a system of periodically publishing content, you will be able to experiment with implementing different types of content that you usually wouldn’t consider. This can range from live feeds, blog posts, top lists, live Q&A and so forth.

The sky truly is the limit, but it’s important to keep posting regular content that your readers are used to seeing. Experiment in your free time but never stop doing what you do best in regards to your content. Every once in a while, you will come across an idea that just clicks with you and people will love you for it – give yourself the chance of discovery and don’t be afraid to experiment.


In the end, Facebook content creation is all about adaptability. Depending on your brand, product, and target demographic, you should be able to easily line in on the type of content that you should be creating. A clear goal and vision are essential to any form of advertisement – this is just as important in Facebook ads, knowing that this is the predominant social media platform on the market. Learn to adapt quickly and think on your feet, the rest of the work will be done by your readers and followers.