Every business is unique in its own right and, similarly, every blog is unique, so there isn’t one perfect way to create, manage, and promote it.  However, there are 4 basic parts of this process that all blogs have in common:

Part 1: Starting your blog

This part involves the complete set up of your blog including choosing a blog platform, hosting, and creating or selecting your domain name.

Part 2: Creating ideas for your blogs

This includes brainstorming ideas for the blogs that you will write.  It is ongoing.

Part 3: Writing blogs

This part refers to the writing of your blogs.  It is ongoing.

Part 4: Promoting blogs

This refers to the promoting of your blogs.  It is ongoing.

Let’s quickly touch on each part of the blogging process in a bit more depth.

Part 1 – There are good blogging platforms out there, good hosts, and lots of potential domains.  Some of the blogging platform options include WordPress, Medium, Blogger, Weebly, LiveJournal, and Tumblr among others.

All of the platforms mentioned have free packages, but there are blog platforms that cost money as well.  So, of course, one thing you may consider is whether or not you’re willing to pay money to set up and host your blog.

You should choose a domain name that’s unique and relevant to your business.

Part 2 – You have to have good ideas for your blogs.

If your blogs are boring or uninformative, do you think many people will want to read them?

And if people do read them, do you think they will want to keep reading them?


There is great news though.  It’s very possible to come up with great blog ideas.  Here is a blog teaching you how to think of great blog ideas.

Part 3 – When writing your blogs, make sure that you check your spelling and grammar.  You should also ensure that you use keywords  that your customers typically search for.  This will help your rankings in search engines and, in turn, drive more traffic and sales for your business.

Part 4 – You can promote your blogs via social media, email lists, guest posting on other blogs, and so on.

It is important to promote your blogs to get the word out there.  However, not only is it important that you promote them well, the timing of your blog posts is also crucial.

It’s great to have a consistent schedule that people can rely on.  For example, if people know that you post your blogs every Monday and Friday, they know to come to your site on those days.  And as for how often you should post blogs, every business is unique.  However, a good number to consider is posting 1 to 3 times per week.

Make sure that whatever number you commit to though, you stick to.

Now you know the basic parts to the blogging process and we’ve got 4 final tips to assist you with making your blog work really well for your business.

Tip 1. Don’t burn yourself out

It’s good to post a fairly significant amount of blogs and be consistent, but don’t post so many that you get burnt out and don’t want to post anymore.  If you have people to help you write blogs for your business, then it may be a bit easier.  If it’s just you though, make sure that the number of blogs you commit to is something you can handle.

Tip 2. Networking is key

In order for your blog to reach its full potential, it’s important to network with people in your industry or related industries.  Many times bloggers are quick to help other bloggers with advice, guest posts, or link shares.

Tip 3 Value wins

When you’re writing your blogs, remember that value is more important than excitement.  Ensure that your blogs provide valuable content that really interests your readers.

Tip 4.  Think about your audience before anything

At the end of the day, your audience is everything. If nobody is reading your blogs, then the blogs won’t do you any good. So, remember, your audience is crucial.  To understand your audience (customers), you can talk to them, ask them questions, analyze which blogs perform best, and always do your keyword research.

Keep all you’ve learned in mind as you go forward with your blogging endeavor. It is truly a fantastic way to help you grow your business and now you are prepared with the know-how. Best of luck!