COVID-19 sparked a worldwide economic downturn, but it didn’t cause much long-term harm to marketing agencies. On the contrary – a combination of people spending more time online, plus more companies shifting to digital sales channels, prompted an uptick in demand for digital marketing services. 

As challenging as 2021 was for businesses overall, marketing agencies still managed to yield 54% revenue growth on average, according to research from CallRail. This year, agencies are projected to see 68% revenue growth.

As audiences become more accustomed to digital marketing, they’re also becoming more discerning about the messages they consume, which makes it harder for businesses to succeed and, in turn, drives more demand for the expert marketing services which you can provide. 

While that’s good news for agencies in general, you still need to corner your share of that demand. It can be challenging to make your agency’s voice heard in such a crowded market, so it’s not surprising if you’re hitting challenges in expanding your bottom line.

One of the best ways to improve your value proposition as a marketing agency is by diversifying your services to include social media marketing, content marketing, white-label technical SEO, and other similar disciplines. Diversifying enables you to add potential revenue streams, while also making your agency more resilient against changes in the market. 

Here are three ways to diversify your marketing agency’s offerings.

1. Offer an agency-branded CRM

A branded CRM is an easy first step to diversifying into marketing coaching and guidance, alongside the done-for-you, total support marketing services that you’re still providing. When you strengthen your clients’ marketing capabilities, you also strengthen their relationship with you, while freeing your employees to spend more time on more complex, higher-priced marketing tasks. 

By offering clients a CRM that has your branding on it, you’re not just giving your clients excellent marketing support, you’re also helping empower them to control their own marketing destiny. 

With a co-branded CRM app, which you can easily set up as a reseller of vcita’s platform, you’re giving them the tools they need to carry out basic but impactful marketing tasks, such as setting up triggered email campaigns, streamlining appointment bookings, automating reminders, and more. 

This way, you can present clients with software for a competitive price, which helps keep your marketing agency at the top of their minds, while also making it easy to educate them in DIY marketing jobs. Alternatively, you use vcita as a meta-dashboard to make it frictionless to collaborate on more involved tactics like managing nurture funnels. Because it’s your own version of the app, you can customize it to offer additional services.

2. Expand your stable of services into SEO

It’s a given that the more services you offer, the more clients you’ll attract and the more sales you’ll make, with an obvious impact on your bottom line. Many small and medium enterprises want to outsource all their marketing needs, and they prefer to work with a single marketing agency who can cover every kind of marketing capability.

But diversifying away from your core marketing competencies – like adding SEO on top of social media marketing, or adding content marketing on top of lead generation – can bring challenges too. You might not have enough employees to meet their needs, or your marketing staff could be concentrated too heavily in certain marketing skills, leaving you short on expertise in a given sub-field. 

Using a white-label SEO service like Boostability gives you a way to provide total marketing with all the trimmings, without having to outsource to a competitor, bring in freelancers, or hire more workers. Within the SEO realm, Boostability offers partners the ability to sell onsite technical optimization, keyword research, content creation, local business directory listing management, offsite link building and more.

The program delivers top SEO software, data analysis, and a dedicated fulfillment team, so you can offer complementary services without overstretching yourself or moving away from your areas of expertise. 

3. Streamline lead generation services

Lead generation is one of the challenges that SMBs complain about the most often, so the chances are high that your clients will welcome anything that makes their lead generation faster, easier, and more effective. 

What’s more, extending your value into additional aspects of the sales funnel just makes sense conceptually as a way to diversify your offering. If you specialize in organic traffic acquisition or paid ads, for example, then you might do well to try your hand at landing page optimization, lead magnet creation and – especially if you’re reselling a CRM – nurture automation sequences. The only difficulty is that your marketing agency might not have enough work-hours in the month to keep on refreshing every client’s lead gen assets. 

Customer demands, trends and pain points are changing at a crazy pace nowadays, so you’ll need to keep updating your clients’ lead magnet freebies so they can hold their own in a crowd of other marketing freebies. It’s time to adopt tools that help you punch above your weight and streamline the process of improving clients’ lead gen abilities. Fortunately, Beacon makes it easier to refresh or replace free resources and lead magnets with up-to-date and relevant tools or content. 

Hire a freelancer to write new content, and use Beacon to turn it into an appealing ebook, or use it to automatically convert clients’ top blog posts into an ebook framework in a single click. Beacon’s solution also includes templates for landing pages, helping you upgrade your lead generation services without overloading your staff.  

Diversifying can be easy and fabulously effective

When you resell services and platforms, quickly connect clients with the tools they need. You could also repackage content into appealing frameworks. You can make it close to painless to diversify your marketing agency, boost your business resilience, and grow your bottom line with more revenue.


Carl Torrence is a Content Marketer at Marketing Digest. His core expertise lies in developing data-driven content for brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies. In his free time, he enjoys binge-watching time-travel movies and listening to Linkin Park and Coldplay albums in the loop.