SEO constantly changes and evolves to help improve user intent and help searchers find the best information. Especially focusing on local SEO, there are many elements and details that need to be considered and focused on updating. Local SEO on Google has changed a lot in the past few years (even months!) and it’s up to business owners to know what they should be up-to-date on. It’s important now more than ever for local businesses to strengthen their online presence. In this article, we will discuss how local SEO has changed and different ways to help your local online presence grow and improve through SEO tactics. Let’s get started!

How Has Local SEO Changed?

There are always frequent changes and updates on different Google platforms such as Google Business Profile, Google Maps, etc. Although, over the past few years, the biggest changes have come from reviews. There was already a lot of relativity around reviews, but Google has now become more aware and mindful of the types of reviews that are created. Reviews are extremely important for business’s information and ranking high in reviews can be vital to them. 

Most of these changes made by Google are known to be for the better. Local updates, in the past, were sometimes left behind in Google Updates. Due to Covid-19, local search is important and has needed a lot of attention due to it’s popularity. Individuals are shopping more online and leaning more towards locations near them. Because of this, businesses must rely on reviews and business profiles to help users find their information.

Now that Covid-19 is starting to slow down, there are issues across the board that affect businesses operations. These operations can be business hours, business information, or anything that might need to be updated for a potential customer to know. Having a business profile to help inform or keep customers updated has become the new norm for business operations. It’s always important to keep your business information up to date at all times on all business profiles.

What Type of Review Does Google Look For?

Google encourages reviews to include as much information as possible. Following the Product Review Update in April and December, Google looks for more information, details, and insight in reviews (even if that means including a photo). It’s not enough for people to leave a 5 star review anymore with no details or comments. Google looks now more than ever for detailed and authentic reviews to help rank businesses online. When you help leave a detailed review, the more you’re helping Google rank businesses online for other users.

3 Ways to Help Improve Your Local SEO

Accumulate Positive Reviews

One of the best ways to generate and increase Google reviews is to just ask! You could ask in person, in chat support, email interactions, or when there’s an actual interaction happening. This could be one of the most impactful things your business does when it comes to getting authentic and positive reviews. Your business can look at the touchpoints you already have and find ways to reach out at the points that benefit your business the most.

Asking in the moment is important as well rather than asking them the next day or a week later. The more thorough and detailed your reviews are, the more helpful they become for your business in ranking higher. By asking and prompting your customers to leave a review right away helps them recall their genuine feelings and details. Otherwise, your customers wouldn’t remember to include details they would have written if it were the next day.

Improving Your Local Business Online Presence

Make sure you’re utilizing every tool you can to improve your local presence. For example, let’s say you’re a pediatric dentist that wants to make TikTok dances to help gain recognition. You could then advertise outside your building to follow your business on TikTok. From there, local customers can find your business and start to create a relationship with your business. Improving your local efforts is extremely important to Google ranking. When you add value to your social media networks and brand, the more it can help improve your local SEO and online presence. 

Learning Insightful Information

Social media can help give your business a lot of insightful information on important topics of your business. Reflect on your business and answer these questions:

  • Why do your customers like you? (What makes your brand different from your competitors that helps customers choose you over them?)
  • Who are your customers? (What type of customers are you reaching globally or in your local area?)
  • How do customers find out about your business? (Is it through social media, SERPs, emails?)
  • What are your customers interested in? (What unique products and services do you offer and bring to the table? Which topics are most popular to your audience?)

Having the answers to all of this information not only helps your business social media and online presence, but also improves your SEO efforts, rankings, and overall brand. 

Selling SEO Services

Knowing about SEO updates is one thing, but selling it is another. Your business might be looking to scale up and it’s important to partner with industry leaders that can set you apart from your competition. Here at Boostability, we have the tools and knowledge to help get your business on the right track of selling SEO services. It can be hard to know how to sell SEO services. Learn more about Boostability’s Partner Program today to get started and get ranking!



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