This article was first published on May 27th, 2021, and was last updated March 2023.

Generating any kind of connection with an individual can be a hard task to undertake. Knowing their interests, curiosities, wants and needs, or what their focused attention is on, can seem like an impossible task to find the answers to these preferences. 

Marketing lead generation has become one of the largest problems that businesses struggle with growing their business. With these problems occurring, how can we find the solutions to them?

SEO lead generation should not be a process your agency rushes through to find the easiest solution. It is a very time-consuming and resource-demanding process that is extremely worthwhile and necessary. When done correctly, exploring different lead generation opportunities can help improve measurements, find your audience, and enhance tactics.

In this article, we’ll help you explore 9 different SEO lead generation opportunities for your agency to take advantage of. We know you’re interested in learning more, so let’s get started!

9 SEO Lead Generation Opportunities

1) Find Your Audience

One of the biggest struggles businesses can face is through lead generation and finding the right SEO clients for their services. Having a target audience is what puts you above the rest. Targeting a certain audience goes beyond knowing the general profile of the types of clients you want. 

You need to know what’s important to them, how they make decisions, and where they may look for potential products or services. Learning similar habits through a similar target audience will help your SEO lead generation in finding the right elements.

What elements are needed to help you find the right audience? Finding and getting the right attention will help you discover these different elements. It could be their specific industry or a specific action plan they undertake. Attaining these details helps your agency analyze how these buyers conduct a purchasing journey and the multiple steps they go through to better meet their needs.

Understanding Search Intent

Knowing and understanding searcher’s intent is an essential part of succeeding in SEO lead generation. Every search query is created with a specific action and intention of the searcher. By being able to understand and correctly anticipate that intent, as you create content, provides tremendous impact on lead generation results. 

Research shows that when content aligns with a searcher’s need and query, it is much more likely to be read, shared, or referred to by those searches. Content will continue to evolve based on the needs of searchers, and by adapting to this change companies can maximize their leads by creating content that speaks directly to the consumers’ needs.

2) Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO lead generation because it helps identify the most effective keywords to target for greater visibility and more qualified leads. Researching high value and low competition keywords are valuable in any type of keyword research.

Businesses can create content to:

  • Effectively rank higher in search engines
  • Improve organic traffic to your website
  • Attract the right audience
  • Uncover what competitors are targeting and strategically differentiate yourself from them

Your business can also identify opportunities to capture long tail traffic that might not have been discovered otherwise. Taking the time to do thorough keyword research is essential to ensure your SEO lead generation efforts are reaching their highest potential.

3) Generating SEO Content

We all know that content is king in any marketing strategy or lead generation opportunity. However, creating content that isn’t meeting your audience’s needs isn’t going to do you any favors. 

In order to effectively create quality SEO content, you’re going to have to educate others about how it works. If you expect all of your customers to be up-to-date with SEO trends and know the knowledge and lingo of SEO, you’ll be making a sale to the customer equivalent to a toddler in a calculus class. It just doesn’t add up. 

Prioritizing your approach and adding education as a part of your business model can automatically prime your agency up for success. 

Making SEO an approachable topic can open countless opportunities for exploring SEO lead generation opportunities. The most effective SEO approach can come through creating different types of content. 

Creating a Blog

One way you can effectively meet your audience’s needs is through informational blog posts. Going in depth or step by step about intriguing topics for SEO can help better inform your customers. It also gives your business credibility and value. 

Video Content

Another way of meeting your audience’s needs are through videos. While blog posts help write out all of the details and specifics, videos do a better job of adding a visual value to it. 

There are multiple platforms in which you can create different types of videos. Do your research online to decide what platform, app, or software is the best fit for you and the clients you want to reach out to. Generating SEO content for your targeted audience will help further your SEO lead generation opportunities.

Email Marketing

One way to improve your SEO lead generation efforts through optimized content is through email marketing efforts. By having a sign-up button next to some of your high quality content, the more leads you’ll be able to attract. This button to sign up for email marketing can be on your website, alongside some blog articles, or on landing pages. Have an effective CTA to help increase your leads.

Social Media Content

There is a similar correlation between ranking positions and social signals. With this in mind, it’s important to consider social media content into your SEO tactics. When your business has high social media signals, the more likely you are to have social media content that converts. The more your business maintains this type of content, the more likely you will be able to increase your SEO lead generation efforts.

4) Promote and Manage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an important aspect of your business online reputation. Having mainly positive reviews can help improve your overall rankings. When you maintain and have a good review reputation online, it reflects positively on not only users, but search engines as well. There are a few review techniques that you can incorporate to effectively gain SEO leads:

  • Encourage Reviews: Asking for reviews is never a bad practice to start trying out with new and existing customers. The more direct and convenient you make it for customers to leave a review, the more likely they will leave one.
  • Respond to Reviews: Whether they be negative or positive, responding to reviews shows that your business cares. It also helps show that your business is willing to help if they have additional questions or need additional follow up information.
  • Repositioning: It’s always important to position your business in a positive way. The more professional and relevant your reviews are, the more likely they are to be positioned higher in local map packs. Be sure to position yourself in the best light to improve your overall SEO.

5) Link Building

Link building is an essential component of successful SEO and lead generation. When conducted professionally and consistently, this process can help embolden a website’s overall ranking, increase organic website traffic, and bring more valuable leads. 

The concept of link building involves creating external links, or fixing broken links, to other useful resources. This helps drive viewership and improve the mentality of readers when it comes to your website. This ultimately provides countless benefits including higher search engine rankings as well as expanded reach with potential customers.

With proper link building combined with strong content on your website, marketing teams can build brand recognition amongst the right audience. As well as establishing close relationships with those viewers in the hopes of converting them into paying customers.

6) Local SEO Strategies

SEO has multiple avenues and strategies your business can utilize to gain more effective leads. Local SEO is especially a crucial and effective way to do so. Here are a few ways in which your business can utilize local SEO to gain leads:

  • Create Local Listings: Find local directories, as well as directories that relate to your niche, to help expand your local SEO reach. By doing this, you help create a stronger presence online as well as reach out to more local customers in your area. 
  • Consistent Listing Information: While creating multiple listings has a positive impact on your SEO lead generation, so does the consistency of your information. It’s important to make sure all of your business information is the same across all profiles and listings. 
  • Optimize Content: While not all of your content can be focused around your local area, there are specific web pages that relate specifically to local areas. Use local keyword research to help amplify those pages to their fullest potential in your local area.
  • Generate Reviews: Just like we mentioned above, the customers in your local area will have more of a positive impact on your profile. The more positive and informational reviews you have, the better your rankings and leads will be.

7) Improve Measurements

Lead generation is full of working through multiple marketing channels and campaigns. It adds another challenge of measuring the success of lead generation in marketing and knowing what metrics are right to monitor and analyze. While we all know assigning lead generation results for ROI is hard, it will always remain a constant challenge for agencies. However, measuring lead generation marketing doesn’t have to be as testing as most make it out to be.

Focusing on individual channels and campaign elements specifically is a great place to start improving your measurements of lead generation in marketing. Particularly working through these specific channels will help make measurements more precise. Google Analytics can be a great tool to help you do so.

It will also help you recognize and understand problems to make better improvements on them. When you get to a point where no progression has been made on certain measurements, it’s best to focus on the next one. Looking at the whole picture is also important to remember. Doing this will help measure generating leads based on sales success from the initial marketing outreach to the final sale.

Improving and becoming more rigorous in how you do your measurements is crucial. You need to know where your clients and leads are coming from, how many qualified leads you’re generating, and what your proposal win rate is. There are additional factors on top of these, but these are important to recognize. Consistent tracking, measurement, and analysis are a must.

8) Building Relationships

Unless your business is brand new, you have past customers that can help you expand into new lead generation opportunities. These connections can be a huge asset to you as you move forward looking for new ones. 

Even if they’re not customers, when you’re prospecting, it’s a great chance to reach out and tell them about your new great SEO product that you’re now offering. Ask if they’re interested, or know someone else who might be. Building upon past or previous relationships can be an easier approach than cold calling for new ones. 

9) Enhance Tactics

Most companies will stay with what they know and rely on certain timeless tactics. While this may seem successful over time, it misses the opportunity for growth and expansion. 

Make sure that your strategy leaves space for innovation, creativity, and collaboration to existing practices with new approaches. As a result, you won’t have those same cookie-cutter solutions. You’ll have a brand-specific take on how to approach, impress, and land new leads in the upcoming months.

It’s easy for individuals to look at services and assume they don’t need an agency when they can have an in-house person do it for them. What they fail to see is the insight and enhanced tactics that come from utilizing agencies. 

Agencies can be helpful when it comes to needing a helping hand. Rather than doing something without knowing the outcome, agencies can be there with professional experience to help you out.  

When you enhance your tactics and strategies, other companies will be intrigued and find value in using your agency over learning it in-house. Taking the time to enhance your tactics will bring about a new approach for your agency as well as your customers.

SEO Lead Generation Marketing

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