SEO is one of the most beneficial digital aspects your business can be continually working on. Without utilizing SEO, your business can miss out on opportunities of gaining high organic traffic, visitors coming to your site, and increased revenue. While SEO helps to grow your business’ online presence, it’s important to recognize that results don’t happen overnight. SEO takes continual effort, time, and knowing what updates and changes are happening.

There are many known benefits to utilizing SEO, however how can you make money with SEO? In this article, we will discuss 8 different ways your business can learn how to make money online through SEO. SEO takes time, but can help you reap in rewards. Let’s dive into it!

8 Ways on How to Make Money Online Through SEO

1) Have an Online Presence

In whatever aspect you’re building SEO, it’s essential to have some kind of an online presence. Without an online presence, how can your business start building SEO? It’s extremely important now more than ever to create an online presence and there are simple ways to go about it. One of the easiest ways to start is by creating a website for your business.

Individuals have a harder time finding and learning more about your business when you don’t have a website to host your information on. So, creating a website can help build your online presence and have a foundation to start building your SEO. Once your foundation is set, building and exercising SEO practices helps your website rise in the ranks. When your website ranks higher, the more recognized you become and the more traffic you can bring in.

Along with having an online presence, there are different ways in going about what’s successful on your website or not. Conducting A/B tests can help improve your website in ways your customers prefer accessing it. It can ultimately help improve the content, user experience, and lead generation opportunities on your website. Test different formats to help improve the overall quality of your website.

2) Writing Content

Content is the most important factor when it comes to digital marketing. Without it, how could you differentiate yourself to your competitors, explain what’s unique about your business, or how you can help your customers? Writing content is extremely important and sought after when it comes to having successful SEO. When your content is strategically used to fulfill a searcher’s intent, the more credible your content becomes in the eyes of search engines. 

When it comes to making money with SEO, businesses can go about this in different ways. One way being they hire a professional SEO content writer. Doing so could help businesses have immediate attention over all of the content that is produced and optimized. This helps keep your strategy cohesive and optimized. You could also get commissioned to write specific pieces of content for businesses. Commissioned content could be website copy, blog posts, press releases, case studies, etc. Just like a freelancer, you could make money by being commissioned to write the content for them. Another way is by selling content writing services. When you sell your content capabilities to other businesses for them to sell to others, you could help influence a large amount of businesses that may be struggling with their SEO. Overall, it’s important to have content that’s informative, optimized, and matches searcher’s intent.

3) Guest Post Writing

Along with writing your own content, it never hurts to reach out for possible guest posting opportunities. Guest posting is a great opportunity to expand your portfolio and can also bring in some nice income when you work with the right people. Along with income, it can also benefit you in building credibility and knowledge. When you’ve networked yourself through different guest posting opportunities, the more consistent your portfolio and content can become. This gives you a lead against other writers within your field. Having experience through multiple guest posts is a very marketable and sought after quality. 

Especially as an SEO writer, giving other blogs optimized guest posts can make your content more marketable and profitable. Having optimized content helps shed a positive light on your work, while also bringing in more credible traffic for them. It’s a win-win for both sides! Knowing how to properly submit guest posts can help you make money with SEO.

4) Create a High Traffic Blog

Along with all of the content you produce, having an optimized, full-functioning blog can be one of the best ways to make money with SEO. A blog presents the opportunity to consistently publish content for viewers to be informed or engaged about. Especially when your blog posts are optimized to their fullest potential, they can be your golden ticket to bringing in the most organic traffic to your website. Which in return, brings in revenue for your business. 

There are countless ways in which you can optimize your blog posts. Some of the most important ways are listed below:

  • Keywords: In SEO, when you implement keywords into your content, it helps search engines such as Google direct user’s to your content. It also helps define more of the intent in your content for search engines and users.
  • Tags: Tags help give quick topic previews of what readers can expect within your article. If a certain tag sparks their interest, that could give them a reason to read your article. You can even use keywords as tags for your blog post.
  • Headers: Having organized headers is very important to the layout of your article. As well as your SEO strategy. Using H1, H2, H3, etc. can help search engines and readers better understand and digest your content.

When you utilize these factors within your blogs, you can expect to have more readers come frequently to your blog. Which in return, helps you know how to make money online through SEO.

5) Local Small Businesses

For small businesses especially, being recognized above the bigger competitors can be a common challenge amongst most small businesses. Providing SEO to local businesses around you can be a win and solution for both sides. Small businesses probably don’t know the first step to take when it comes to enhancing SEO. That’s where you can step in and help! Approaching business owners in your area and offering them a monthly fee to do their SEO can become a profitable opportunity. Not all of them would hire you, but if they recognize the importance of SEO they should invest in your offer.

While we all know that SEO can take time, local SEO can sometimes be easier since it’s not at a global scale level. This will also help give you the opportunity to handle multiple local businesses at once. If you have the skills to help local businesses in your area, it builds credibility and you could be recommended to others within your area. Whether it be through writing optimized content, having a good keyword strategy, or improving small business profiles, any SEO skills can be profitable in your area.

6) Affiliate Marketing

People will often choose to trust other’s opinions on things rather than trusting what a business has to say about their own business. With affiliate marketing, it opens more avenues for your SEO expertise and services to benefit other businesses and gain revenue. In affiliate marketing, one company will compensate another business or third party when they help generate traffic or leads to their website or to a certain product or service. The third party could be a variety of options which include influencers, being included in a blog post or ad, or another business. When these third parties bring attention to the company, product, or service, then they will get compensated for doing so.

When you include SEO into affiliate marketing, you can be the one businesses or companies go to for advice and expertise. While any company can reach out to different influencers, blogs, and businesses, it’s important to consider the strategy behind the specific people you choose to target. Getting paid for your expertise can come from what influencers are within their niche, or what blogs are the most popular, or higher ranking companies. Your insight can be extremely marketable and profitable to businesses looking for more traffic and SEO insight.

7) Create and Sell Online SEO Courses

If you’re an SEO expert with lots of experience and want to share your insight with others, creating and selling your own online SEO courses is a great way to know how to make money online through SEO. You can create different topics, chapters, or even video modules to help others learn how to do their own SEO. You can charge a desired amount of money for others to take courses on expanding their knowledge of SEO. If you have a network of other SEO experts, they can even add their expertise into the course for more insight and information. There are other ways too if you didn’t want to build a course from scratch. Create videos to post on YouTube to help bring you more revenue and traffic over time. There are countless ways to share and make money from your SEO insights.

8) Offer Your SEO Services for Sale

If you’re an agency or business who has experience and expertise in SEO, offering and selling your SEO services is a very sought after service to sell. It is in very high demand for any business struggling to find an online presence. Promoting your services by putting up what you do on a website or social media can help get you started. Reviews also take into account a big factor on whether or not individuals should choose you. Showing what you do and how you can help others will be a huge reason individuals choose you.

Being marketable to anyone and all businesses can be marketable to all industries. However, if you find that you’re more marketable in a specific area then be sure to mention it (especially if it’s a competitive market). The biggest factor to offering your SEO services is being personable and relatable to other businesses. When you achieve this, it’s easier for other businesses to know you’re not an automated robot and choose you to do their SEO. When people get to know more about you and your services, they will surely contact you to help them rise in rankings.

Profiting with SEO

There are a variety of ways to know how to make money online through SEO than the ones we discussed today. We believe that these ones are most important for SEO and will bring you the most success. If you’re still struggling and need some assistance with SEO, look no further! 

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Ansley is the former Content Marketing Manager at Boostability. Since graduating from Utah State University with two degrees in Communication Studies and Journalism: Public Relations, Ansley specializes in creating engaging and informative SEO content for readers, customers, and partners through different marketing channels. Along with creating new content, Ansley works to keep content organized and creates and executes new content strategies. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel, visit National Parks, and loves all things Disney.