Boostability was again able to be a part of the Sub For Santa Program, through the United Way of Utah County. United Way of Utah County helps thousands of families and children each year: “Last year, over 5,100 children and 1,200 families were served by generous community sponsors through Sub For Santa.”

This year, several teams and individuals from the three Boostability locations volunteered and participated to make Christmas brighter for their chosen families.

Stephanie Black, a SEO Fulfillment Mentor said, “I wanted to do more service and take advantage of opportunities to help people out this Christmas.  I thought it was great that Boostability was providing us with the opportunity to shop for a family in need.  It was something that I could easily do, so I was happy to be a part of it.”

Others remarked, “I chose to volunteer for Sub for Santa because I love the Christmas season. Buying gifts for other people is one of my favorite Christmas highlights every year. To know that those gifts go to under-privileged families makes it all the better” (Tyler Sayre, SEO Fulfillment Team Mentor).

“I signed up for Sub for Santa because it seemed like a great way to help a family during the holiday season. I also liked that these kids are going to have presents to open on Christmas morning” (Grant Jones, SEO Fulfillment Team Lead).

Steven Spencer, an SEO Fulfillment Team Lead, is a veteran at volunteering for Sub For Santa: “I have done Sub For Santa in the past, and when I heard that we were doing it here, I definitely wanted to be involved.  The shopping is a blast, and I had a ton of fun doing that.  The best part, however, is knowing what it means to the people getting the gifts.  A lot of the time, these people don’t know where their Christmas will come from, and when someone does S4S for their family it is nothing short of a miracle. It really does more to get me into the Christmas spirit than anything else I can think of.”

Nathan Buhler, Co-Team Lead for SEO Quality and Education said, “I loved being able to volunteer for Sub for Santa because I think it is such a great way to help a family have a great Christmas, who otherwise might not have much or nothing at all. There’s something so fun, and almost addicting to me about working together to find the things that the family needed and wanted. These families have gone through a lot, and I’m happy to be a part of a company that loves to give back to the community like this! It was such a blast to go shopping for a few hours to get everything on their Christmas list.”

We had a blast doing Sub For Santa this year! The family received almost everything they had wished for including clothes, toys, essentials, and food. The excitement and gratitude the mother of the family expressed as we dropped everything off was the best part of the whole experience. Knowing that we were able to make their Christmas better was the best feeling and the whole reason behind this.