When Boostability began in a basement back in 2009, our goal was simple: provide step-by-step SEO to small businesses to help them get found online. We’ve come a long way in the past decade, but the heart of our business model has remained unchanged; affordable, small business-focused search engine optimization is our top priority.

Inspired by Marcus Sheridan’s remarks at the 2019 Utah DMC conference, we’re celebrating our ten-year streak by showcasing what we don’t do (and reminding you of what we do).

We don’t do enterprise SEO.

While we’ve become the world-wide leader in white label SEO in the ten years since we started, Boostability began as a small business. We haven’t forgotten our roots. That’s exactly why we don’t manage campaigns for enterprise-level companies. While our fulfillment process is certainly scalable for growing businesses (and we’ll get to that in a minute), we focus on the little guys. We always have, and we always will. We know that marketing services are much different for small and medium-sized organizations compared to large organizations.


We do focus on small businesses through affordable pricing.

Small businesses are at the heart of everything we do. When Boostability began, we saw a gap in the marketplace. SEO is a necessary tool for every organization, but only the largest could afford it. We knew there had to be another way, and so we created our scalable SEO business model to give smaller companies access to state-of-the-art optimization at a price they could afford. We recognize non-enterprise organizations need and deserve the same SEO processes as enterprise companies.

Affordable pricing may seem like an oxymoron, especially in the tech industry. But with our unique assembly line-style process, we’ve made great SEO accessible for almost any budget.

We don’t do short-term projects.

Because we brand ourselves as a digital marketing company, many clients expect immediate, digital-speed results. And while we get a small business on the first page of Google every five minutes, many clients don’t realize that stat is only possible because we put in long-term work. The optimization process takes much longer than the instantaneous results our digital world has made us accustomed to. And any SEO company promising immediate results is lying to you. We know SEO requires a long-term investment, likely six months before you start seeing page one rankings. We don’t make promises on time frames we know we can’t uphold.

One of our biggest concerns is ensuring our clients know what to expect from an SEO campaign. Good expectations lead to better outcomes, and our sales support team and partner managers are dedicated to showcasing the intricacies of our SEO process, while completing tasks in a timely manner.

We do focus on the big-picture, with long-term SEO success as our goal.

While a successful SEO campaign takes upwards of eight months to see real, sustainable growth, Boostability is with you for the long haul. We offer fulfillment at every stage, beginning with site audits and keyword research and ending with selecting new keywords to target once your original ones hit their goals. Boostability sees SEO as part of the big picture for business growth.

Part of that bigger vision is a focus on customer retention. We believe that SEO shouldn’t just get you new customers—it should help you keep your old ones, too.

We don’t believe one-size fits all.

Lots of SEO companies sell the same packages to all their clients, claiming that SEO is a pretty standard process. Find the right keywords, optimize those keywords, etcetera, etcetera. But we’ve been in the business long enough to know that approach doesn’t work. SEO strategy needs to be adapted to each specific client, because every organization is striving to influence a different audience in a different area for a different product. One-size-fits-all rarely fits the majority, and we believe every company deserves a customized campaign.

We do create personalized campaigns based on a company’s needs, size, and location.

Boostability prides itself on transparent SEO services. We let clients know exactly what kind of work we perform and when we complete it. We’ve created an in-house reporting system dashboard that guarantees both clients, customer service reps, and fulfillment specialists stay on the same page.

While there are certain things that SEO campaigns will always require, there are other additional SEO tasks that should be applied only when necessary. Our campaign managers take a look at their research findings and give specific recommendations for SEO tasks that will increase your rankings the most.

Every single campaign looks a little different. Our partner and client managers are trained to spot key growth areas and design a campaign around them. That means that when you sign on with Boostability, you’re guaranteed to get a plan meant just for you.


We don’t sell by keyword or blog post.

While keywords are at the heart of our campaign strategy, they’re not the center of our sales. Boostability doesn’t sell by keyword, or by task (like writing blog posts or building web pages). Doing so reduces the effectiveness of a campaign because it lacks the robust support of a multi-faceted strategy. We’ve been around long enough to know every campaign requires several components to be successful.


We do sell long-term strategy.

Great SEO involves lots of tasks, which also means SEO campaigns take the work of several people. In fact, several dozen specialists can work on any given campaign. As such, Boostability sells by hours worked, ensuring that you have access to the expertise of a variety of teams. This also means you get to stay within your budget while still receiving top-notch SEO services.

We don’t think SEO should be expensive.

The tech industry as a whole has a reputation for being pricey. Services require lots of technical training, and can take a long time, meaning prices can quickly skyrocket.

But while we fully believe our fulfillment specialists should be well-trained (and they are!), we also believe SEO should be an accessible service for businesses of any size. Optimization is essential as search engine algorithms continue to evolve, and consumers better discern certain campaign tactics.

We do fulfill orders with an eye towards scalability.

Boostability’s fulfillment style ensures our specialists are trained to deliver results while keeping costs affordable. This also means your campaign can grow exponentially without having to skip a beat. From keyword researchers to content writers, our employees know what to look for and how to create campaigns designed for success. It doesn’t take long for them to become familiar with a new client. Shortened down times and high-level proficiency ensures SEO that delivers results while keeping your profit margins high.


Now what?

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