We talk all the time about the importance of SEO for a business. We maintain that SEO can help you grow your business online and bring in more customers over a sustained amount of time rather than many things where you pay for a one and done service. In today’s digital age, SEO helps to improve your exposure and get found by your target audience. Essentially, it helps you maximize what you do best. You already believe in your product, start believing in your business. That’s why you started it in the first place! SEO helps people find you so you can sell your products to the maximum.

It feels like small businesses are fighting for the very heart of business survival right now. Nearly everyone wants to help the small business, but sometimes the convenience of two-day shipping online wins out. So how can the small business compete with the big guys at an affordable price? That’s where Boostability comes in. SEO is step one in the ladder to digital success. 

Read here to see how Boostability takes an industry-leading and groundbreaking approach to help thousands of small businesses across the world with this important first step to digital marketing success. Our methodology can help you succeed online as well to compete at an enterprise level at a budget you can afford. 

Why Boostability Cares About Small Business

At Boostability we are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online. This means that our clients come first. Everything we do is focused on helping your business have a chance to succeed and compete in an already competitive online marketplace. We want to give you and your business the best shot at success possible.

We believe that we can give small businesses opportunities to show up in organic search results. These opportunities will give them a chance to compete against even the largest competitors in SERPs. When you work with Boostability, we give you the opportunities and then you do what you do best, turn those chances into loyal customers.

Boostability Believes Opportunities Equal Chances

At Boostability we know that we can change the game for small businesses. We’ve been doing it for 12 years now! We understand that every search, keyword, and click has the potential to grow your small business. Investing and optimizing your site’s SEO is how your small business competes online. So, at Boostability we want to give you every possible chance to succeed to your fullest potential. This is why we invest in the best employees to help you optimize your SEO. Employees who are transparent about every bit of progress we see as you optimize your SEO.

Our team will work with you to help make the most of your time and budget to see real results online. We get 86% of our clients ranking in the top ten results on Google within six months of working with them. Also, better online rankings means more chances for your business to grow and succeed. 

Customers are looking for your products and services. You just need to be there when they’re searching for you. Our team at Boostability is committed to making sure you have plenty of opportunities to be found online. From there, it is up to you to turn those searchers into happy customers.

Boostability Believes You Deserve to Compete

We believe in the power of small businesses. But it can be hard for small businesses to compete against large companies who seem to have an unlimited budget to spend. That’s why at Boostability, we are confident that we can help every small business compete with large corporations online with our small business SEO services.  

Whatever your industry, whether you are a lawyer, restaurant owner, or a contractor, your small business can rank among the top companies or franchises in your area. And you don’t have to face those industry giants alone. Our team at Boostability will be behind you for support as you grow your small business and compete online.

How SEO Helps You Succeed

With basically all articles we write and post to the Boost Blog, we have the intent of helping individuals understand why SEO is crucial for your business to succeed. SEO has never been an easy topic to pick up and learn every process and detail in a week. SEO takes patience, willingness to be open to new changes and updates, and recognition of different processes that can benefit your digital marketing strategies. While there may be struggles and bumps along the way, the end reward is definitely worth it over time. 

Rather than ads, SEO continues to benefit your site over time. Paid ads can get you to the top of the rankings. However, it only gets you to the top for a limited amount of time. No matter if it’s SEO or paid ads, you’re constantly fighting for the top spot. However, optimizing with SEO can help you earn the top spot over time with less effort in fighting for it. Utilizing SEO means you save money over time and you worry less about not having to pay to keep your top temporary ranking spot.

It’s important to know why SEO is an essential step nowadays to help your business succeed. There are a variety of reasons on why you need SEO to help your business succeed. Here are a few reasons why SEO leads to success for your business that all starts with getting found online:

Research and Search Intent

Whenever we have a question and there’s no one to go to to answer it, we go to search engines. It’s inevitable. Even when it comes to buying something for themselves, people like to do their research online. SEO allows your business to meet customers at the beginning, middle, and end of their search journey. However, it’s important to be ranking in the top ten positions on Google’s SERP to be able to help answer people’s questions. People don’t often visit the second page of search engine results, so building your SEO to appear in the first ten results is critical. We believe all businesses should be recognized in the top ten organic listings of the SERP, especially small businesses. Taking account of your customers search intent and research will help your business’ SEO grow.

Becoming an Industry Leader

Did you know that over 90% of people start researching for a product or service online before ever going into a store to make a purchase? People want to make sure they’re making the right choice. They want to learn from the experiences of others through reviews. Essentially, they want to know you’re making the right decision before ever making that phone call or people like to find their answers online. SEO helps people know that you’re the best at what you do in your individual area. You do this through good content that helps you answer questions, have teaching opportunities, and give positive user experience for your customers. Building your SEO helps your business grow and become an industry leader.


In an ideal world, the business that offers the best product or service would occupy the top spot of the SERP. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Search engines take into account over 200 considerations when ranking content or sites. They base their rankings on relevance, quality, and authority more than the actual product and service itself. When your business is active and productive in optimizing and utilizing SEO, search engines will take notice of it. Being up-to-date and relevant with the different updates and trends helps improve SEO and create a more organic business. It’s already hard for small businesses to be found online, although it’s never impossible. Working on your SEO can help your business succeed in the long run in rising in rankings. This is why it is more necessary now in this day and age than ever before.

What Boostability Offers Small Businesses

Boostability takes care of all those SEO tasks mentioned above for you, all at a price designed for small businesses to afford. We created Boostability with small businesses in mind and developed a scalable model that allows us to do the necessary work at a price you can afford. Essentially, we help your website and online presence grow, so you can focus on what you do best, running your business! These two objectives, working together, essentially help your business climb the ladder to success.

Boostability takes care of everything from local business listings to traditional SEO so your community can find your business when they search. We take care of keyword research and create good content that uses those keywords strategically. We improve your website code to make sure that’s best optimized for a good user experience.

Essentially, Boostability provides the toolkit for small businesses to successfully compete online at an enterprise level without that big budget price tag.

The Boostability Method Closing Thoughts

For us at Boostability, small businesses are the backbone of what we do. Small businesses are also the backbone of economies worldwide. We are driven by the desire to see small businesses succeed and compete online. Each small business represents a person who works hard to support themselves, their employees, and their families. Our team at Boostability wants to give small businesses the boost they need to grow and contend with larger companies who have deep pockets. 

So, I guess you could say that we have the same goals as you. Making the internet a fair marketplace, where even the smallest businesses have a chance to succeed.

So if you’re ready to get started on your SEO journey, get in contact with us today or learn more about what our small business SEO services entail. You can visit our free website analysis page to see where your website could use some SEO help and get started on your first step to online success.


Amanda is the Vice President of Marketing at Boostability. Amanda has 15 years of marketing and public relations experience. Prior to Boostability, Amanda was Co-Founder and CMO of PromoJam Social Marketing Platform, acquired by Deluxe Corporation in 2014.