People, especially millennials today do not fear of sharing their personal information with the brands which provide them the services. They provide the data without caring because they expect a lot more from them. They feel comfortable in sharing their data because they get the automated experience. While giving away their personal information they expect that the brand will convert their thoughts into action and hence the brands have to understand the changing digital context and come up to their expectations.

Not only the technology but the expectation of your audience is also becoming highly advanced. Here are few hidden truths of your customers, what they think and expect from you:

1. Provide more than services:

People believe you therefore they share their personal data with you but being only context aware is not enough. There are common people who buy context aware devices like Echo not only because it serves them with nice songs but it has many other fantastic features too. Hence if you want your audience to recognize you in this digital world and provide you with the correct information then expand your ideas and specifications of your products.

2. Consumers want something more simple:

Simple the task, much better it is. Why are they connecting with you? Of course, because they want to get that work done soon and much more easily. They expect those tools which get their information and then share it with other tools too so that they do not have to perform the same thing again and again and make the environment more happening. We know that websites and apps are still dominating the digital market but consumers are expecting something more simple.

3. Try to get more data types:

You are so aware of this fact that the more data you will have the more you can do more for your consumers. So ask for more information related to location, biometric, environment and any other important aspect. If these data types help you to be more closer and analyse your customer well then what could be better than this?

4. Your tools should be multitasking:

Consumers are explorers when they give you something they expect just double of it. They have this tendency to try and start many things together but they do not end up with everything. So, your tool should be smart enough to handle everything and manage their queues. MAny companies have already started making such smart tools and if you do not want your brand to be kicked out of their list then think about it.

5. Understand your consumers:

It is about your tools that they should understand your consumers that what they want. Big brands like Echo, Facebook, Fitbit Apple use their smart coding and technology which tries to find out the needs of the user. Your customer expects you to provide the options from which they can choose, they do not want you to understand everything exactly.

6. Positive psychology:

Tools which do not understand positive psychology they will not last for long. No matter what your tools are used to design, it might be a smart home, smart car, or a smart city but if they do not focus on positive engagement then you are nowhere in this market. This is because consumers today are smart and as they are seeing this fast developing technology they expect a lot more than only the functional requirements.

Companies like Facebook, Apple, Echo will come up to the expectations of their audience because they  understand the needs of the rising change. They know how to cope up with this and will definitely create more possibilities. The major problem lies with the budding companies who are striving hard to come up. They do not understand that this digital world has taken a huge shift and now there is no place for those traditional tactics.