It’s one of the biggest marketing and shopping days of the year. It can also be one of the worst for small business owners and employees.

Black Friday  is one heck of a beast, especially for small businesses. But we’ve got your back. Over the years, Boostability has written about all sorts of Black Friday-related topics. We’ve collected the best of the best right here.


“Closing Out 2019 On Top: A Boostability Webinar” (2019)

Earlier this month, our resident lead generation manager Curtis Warren sat down with Greg Sterling, VP of Market Insights at Uberall. The two talked about the key digital marketing tools every business needs to use in order to close 2019 (and really, every year) out on top.

The end of the year always proves to be one of the most lucrative for companies. Consumers tend to spend more with the rush of holiday gift giving. But there’s a catch—the buying season is short, especially this year with such a late Thanksgiving. Lots of data suggests big returns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Listen to the full webinar to learn more about how to capitalize on these big-spend days.


“Black Friday: Don’t Beat the Morning Rush” (2018)

Back in 2018, our content manager Kristine Pratt wrote about ways to make Black Friday more profitable and less stressful. One of the most drastic suggestions? Don’t try and beat the morning rush.

With more and more stores trying to open earlier and earlier, there’s lots of pressure to start early on Black Friday. But there’s really no need, writes Pratt. As she explains,

Everyone who’s into the deals have likely been shopping all night or will be hitting the big doorbuster sales at major retailers early in the morning. If you open later, you might attract more customers who are looking for a more simple experience than the mad house they might find elsewhere.

Black Friday doesn’t need to be one of the worst days of the year—with the ideas from this article, you can bring in new customers and help retain returning ones by making Black Friday into an occasion everyone can enjoy, including you.


“Can Small Businesses Skip Black Friday and Stay Competitive?” (2017)

The short answer? Yes, but you can’t ignore the shopping rush all together.

Instead of focusing on Black Friday, guest author Maggie Black suggests setting your sights on Small Business Saturday, which falls the day after Black Friday. Targeting this day will still appeal to people hungry for deals as well as those who prefer to hunker down and wait until the mobs have left.

You also don’t have to go at it alone. Partnering with other businesses either online or in your community can create a pool of resources and customers that helps everyone. So long as you’re taking advantage of the general season of sales, the singular Black Friday isn’t absolutely necessary. Read the full article to learn about ways you can really elevate your Small Business Saturday events.


“How to Compete with Big Companies on Black Friday” (2017)

Bigger companies usually have resources the smaller guys don’t, but that doesn’t mean corporate strategies have to go to waste too. Our VP of marketing Amanda Price lays out the ways you can capitalize on what bigger companies do right and apply it for your consumer base at a price you can afford.

One of the best ideas is to get the word out and prioritize mobile-friendliness. Making sure people have access to the information they need to make a purchase is crucial, and since most people are making those searches on their phone, you’d best be prepared.

Like other articles mentioned, don’t be afraid to make the weekend into something special. Offering additional discounts is a good start, but a gift guide or a free gift can also go a long way.


“Brace Your Small Business: A Game of Thrones Approach to Combating Big Chain Stores on Black Friday” (2015)

Although many on the Boostability marketing team is mourning the ending of HBO’s Game of Thrones, there’s still a lot to learn from the popular fantasy series when it comes to marketing. Take advice from Lord Fray and Lady Brienne of Tarth. We also suggest not following in Khaleesi or King Jofferey’s footsteps. And watch out for the White Walkers! We hear there may be a cold snap this year.


I ain’t afraid of no Black Friday!

With the right tools, Black Friday doesn’t need to strike fear into the hearts of the feeble. And with the right help, your SEO efforts don’t need to be scary either. If you’re looking to get a jump start on your marketing efforts for the new year, get started today. Boostability’s expert SEO strategy can help small businesses and the partners who serve them. Contact us to learn more.


Madeline is a former content specialist for Boostability.