As the end of another year passes, it’s fun to reflect and look back on all of the accomplishments and downfalls from the past year.  Not just personally, but also as a business. Think back to what you were hoping to achieve. Did you reach your goals? Is there something you want to focus on this year that you may have not been able to achieve last year? There is a lot to think about and decide.

As you are pondering the things that you may want to do for this upcoming year, think about what types of things you normally do when you are on the internet. The internet provides a lot of great things to businesses, and building a strong online reputation is one of them.

Building your influence with friends, family, and other businesses can make a great impact on your business and yourself. It shows that you know your stuff, and that your opinion matters. You can do this through blog writing, email marketing, facebook posts, tweets, or video posting. Youtube is one of the largest video sites on the internet, and posting videos is free!

What kind of videos you want to produce is going to be up to you and your business. Perhaps you want to do live Q&A’s, product demonstrations, or updates. Youtube does these kinds of videos themselves and I wanted to share a video they have released for the end of 2011. In it they talk about how many videos have been viewed this year, as well as some of the most popular videos of the year.  I have also added a few other top videos in different categories from their blog post.

Most viewed YouTube videos globally (excluding videos from major music labels)