Google vs. Bing

The search results for Google and Bing differ, but not by much. (This is easily viewed with a great little program called Bingle) In general, if you are ranking well on Google, you will also be ranking well on Bing. While the specific algorithms for each search engine are closely guarded secrets, they have released statements about what they are looking for in websites. Here are some of the main points:

Bing’s SEO Suggestions (ref. 1)
  • Create keyword rich content that is unique and directed toward your intended audience
  • Have a well crafted website that is designed with SEO in mind
  • Earn links that are quality and authoritative
Google’s SEO Suggestions (ref. 2)
  • Create content with plenty of relevant keywords
  • Do not employ spamming techniques
  • Build a site that is easy for crawlers to access
What Does This Mean to You?

There is really not much difference between the guidelines of Google and Bing. Since Google is larger, SEO firms tend to focus more on their guidelines and the practices known to bring results for Google. There is no doubting that Google is the center of attention, but be assured that Bing’s requirements fall right in line with the SEO best practices.