Online marketing agencies have several pain points when dealing with big business. Finding the right partner helps overcome these common agency and partner pain points and delivers a higher level of service and expertise.

Where do some of the breakdowns happen for both businesses and agencies?

Partial SEO Service Offerings

Every business with an online presence wants to appear near the top of searches related to their field. But, there are many different elements that contribute to how a search engine ranks websites. For example, the number of links to a page increases the page rank. This makes a website rank higher in search results. But this is only the case if the links are from authority sites with good SEO themselves.

Not only that, search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Websites must manage their SEO to keep their ranking high. And most algorithm changes are not explained in detail by search engines.

However, monitoring SEO performance before and after an update gives an indication of how the new algorithm works. A major Google search engine algorithm update in August 2018 affected medical and finance websites more than other sectors. Analysts attribute this change to increased sensitivity around personal information that could directly impact users’ financial or physical wellbeing.

All of these issues stem from different SEO services. When a company only monitors page ranking, but not algorithm updates, or vice versa, for example, SEO quality will be lacking.

Resolving Full SEO Service Issues

The only way to really resolve this issue is to work with a company that offers an all-encompassing SEO service. Make sure the entity you’re working with offers you reporting on the latest algorithm changes with an explanation on what that means for your business. Ensure keyword ranking and link building are part of their knowledge base.

Most businesses don’t want to be technical experts in SEO. They’d rather focus on building growth within the business. So they rely on marketing agencies to manage this for them. But, they do want transparent reporting from those agencies that show them how they are doing.

These issues below are also common agency and partner pain points.

Setting the Right Prices

Online Marketing budgets vary significantly. A quick search for social media management reveals rates anywhere in the range of $1,000 to $20,000 per month for various services. Although our research indicates an industry norm in the region of $3,500.

Some agencies offer tier pricing, month-to-month contracts or low retainers along with other package options. Typical project pricing comes in at about $150 per hour. But, it is not often easy to determine which option has the most value for money for a particular business. Agencies can’t always develop individual and flexible packages for each client. The need for structure in the management of their own resources conflicts with the need for flexibility of clients. In the end, neither may be completely satisfied and efficiencies suffer.

How to Solve Pricing Issues

Arguably, one of the biggest of the known agency and partner pain points comes down to pricing. Research average pricing for the services you are seeking. Counter negotiate pricing using these statistics. If you are looking for more detailed services, request a flexible package that works for the services you need. Do more business with companies that will meet your demands or at least work with you on them.

Compatibility Issues

When agencies choose marketing partners, they are looking for a compatible relationship that is mutually beneficial. Sometimes the services offered are a match for the needs, but the personalities just don’t click. Other times, the services offered by a partner don’t offer the level of expertise that is needed.

When it comes to SEO, for example, a partner organization should have answers available at their fingertips. Changes in page ranking should be known and explained in real-time. It’s a danger sign when meetings have too many answers like, “I’ll get back to you on that one.”

Poor communication and reporting is one reason for these compatibility issues. Boostability has a proprietary reporting system, which makes SEO performance information available in real-time. Keyword ranking statistics, graphs and access to google analytics combine to make this a powerful window into online marketing performance.

How to Resolve Compatability Issues

Overcoming compatibility issues comes down to identifying when a partner doesn’t have the answers you are looking for. When this happens, immediate meetings to address this are necessary. If an agreement cannot be reached for increased reporting clarity or other needs, ending the relationship might be the way to go.

Request daily or weekly communications. If the issue is with a specific account manager, request a new one.

Transparency and Accountability

When making a pitch to new clients, marketing agencies put their best foot forward. The expertise in the room is clearly evident. Senior agency personnel are focused on the pitch and service levels are high. But, as the marketing plan unfolds, the client loses contact with high-level agency resources. There is some uncertainty about who is working on the account and what level they are in the organization. Businesses are left wondering whether they are getting the full value for their expense.

Common problems partners see are when agencies lack transparency in their reporting structures. They fail to show their actions and progress to clients on a real-time basis. While they may be providing outstanding service, it is hidden from business clients leading to a breakdown in trust.

How to Solve Accountability Issues

Before leaving the negotiation table, request continued communication from top-level company agents. It may even be a good idea to request the ability to pick your account manager based on employee experience and success ratings.

Only work with companies that offer you real-time reporting. If you can see the work you are paying for, it heightens the chances that the work will be done correctly.

Our Boostability Partnership Program solves all these challenges for business and marketing agencies.

The Boostability Partnership Program

Our Boostability Partnership program is like adding an online marketing department to your business. It works if you are an agency seeking to build your online presence and ranking. It also works if you are an agency supplying services to large business clients.

Boostability has a white label offering. This means that all our services seamlessly integrate with an existing agency. We pride ourselves on treating your clients in the same way you do. We even support sales efforts by joining sales calls, explaining our systems and solutions and helping your team close a deal.

Boostability offers an affordable, scalable and transparent online marketing solution for businesses and agencies alike. Find out more about how to become an SEO partner.