Off-site SEO factors are the hardest to implement for your business, simply because you don’t have full control of what happens outside of your website.

Yet they also provide some of the highest ranking signals that can quickly push your website to the first page of the search.

Off-site SEO factors

There are more than 40 off-site SEO factors that influence your website.

Off Site Search Engine Ranking Factors Infographic

But did you know the following information?

Not all links are created equal

Links from relevant, high-quality sources are of more value than links for spam or poor sources. For example, a link from the Washington Post will be twenty times more effective in ranking your website than a link from an unknown website that contains just a few pages.

Where your backlinks come from plays a huge part in ranking your website. You can learn more about backlinks in our How to Optimize Your Website for Search slideshow.

Link velocity

This is the acquisition of quality backlinks over a period of time. As your website publishes more content, its link velocity should increase. Websites that aren’t building new links are considered less relevant and can negatively impact SEO.

Online reviews

Did you know that online reviews affect where your business ranks online?

Reviews of your Google Plus profile, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and more are all quality signals used by major search engines.

It’s important to set up profiles on the review sites that are relevant to your niche and ensure that comments are continually coming in – oh, and that they are positive too.

Grab your off-site SEO checklist

How effective is your off-site SEO?

Are you doing everything possible to ensure your website has the greatest chance of ranking in the search?

With over 40 factors to assess, I’m sure you’re forgetting to check up on at least a few.

To learn all 40+ off-site SEO factors and all 200+ SEO ranking factors, check out our slideshow on How to Optimize Your Website for Search.

How many factors were you forgetting?